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A general outlook into the basis of Snowfall, early information, project status and guidelines for the future

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A brief overview:

Snowfall (development title) is a classic survival horror game, rooted into the fertile soil that sprouted the early Silent Hill series, which are some of my favorite games. Despite the Horror genre still going on strong, the classic style of third person puzzle-filled horror is all but dead, the last true example being Silent Hill Origins way back in 2008; reviving the genre is a much too lofty goal, but we plan on at least giving the fans of the genre another shot at classic horror.

The Brazil-based dev team, Fenrir's Will, consists of Gulcasa as designer, modeller and composer, and Doda and ffao as programmers. The project's being entirely carried out in Unity, modelling in Blender and texturing/image editing in GIMP with free (and properly credited) textures and sfx, to keep the project as "free" as possible. Towards the tail end of thegame, if we can't scrape together the cash for that by ourselves, we'll likely use Catarse (brazilian Kickstarter) to try and buy Unity Pro for the image effects and real-time shadows.

Currently, the game is at a VERY early stage, with about 6 completed areas, but progressing steadily. When we reach a satisfactory amount of content, at least 20 minutes, we'll release a free alpha for download. The plot is already entirely written and, although i will not yet talk about it, i'm doing my hardest to avoid clich├ęs and jump scares, and i'm fairly confident that, if we can pull it off decently, it'll be one to remember.

More general info:

  • Languages: English and Portuguese, German and Japanese planned but unconfirmed.
  • Soundtrack: Entirely new and inspired by the works of Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka, samples will be released every so often in the Downloads section.
  • Controls: Tank controls (with optional 2D controls); full controller support.
  • Length: We plan on making Snowfall at least 3 hours long on a first run, and it'll feature multiple endings, extra costumes and the like.
  • Side note: The Mark of Samael on Lena's shirt on some of the screenshots is property of Konami and will not feature in any release of the game, it's just there for fun while we decide on a design for her actual shirt. No copyright infractions intended.

If the project sounds at all interesting to you, consider adding it to your Watch List, we'll post regular updates, screenshots and music as the project marches on. That's it for now, thanks for the attention, and have a good one.


Very excited to see more of this. :D
Not nearly enough classic survival horror games around these days.

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