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Still working on the mod, the Content should give you some more info on this.

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Hey guys, Im currently having a few set-backs, the airfield I made that was a US temp has to be redone. I also have some areas that still need to be worked on. Im still looking for people to help out with this, for AI Paths and AI Vehicles; particles; etc. Things I havnt really been able to look up on. I have one possible, but the more help, the better this mod will progress. I have some other things that I need done that I think should be something for the gaming community and not constricted to the Mod. Character models and not the ones currently on, brand-new-fresh-out-of-the-box models. If someone does this, you deserve a cookie, a Smor, and 2 cookies with marshmellows and chocolate chips with 2 marshmellows and a whole Herseys chocolate bar in the middle to make a big Smor. And help from the outside would help too. Thank you.

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