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Just a few quick things to be aware of as you venture into Chapter 3 of Abduction.

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Hello again, everyone!

This post is just to inform you of a few things that you should be aware of when delving into the final chapter of Abduction (or even the beginning, if you haven't played it yet).

The biggest thing is for those who have already played through the first two chapters, and do not wish to re-play the entire story to keep your items such as tinderboxes and oil.

Chapter 3 can stand alone from the others, as you do not need items acquired in the first two chapters to progress through the rest of the story. However, it is not necessary to start from scratch if you have completed Chapter 2 already. The Atrum Andron, the second to last map in chapter 2, had an autosave function in the code, so if you wish to continue with your items, simply select Abduction from your custom stories list and select continue. This should place you at the start of the Atrum Andron, which should not be TOO much of a pain to redo since you will already know all you need to know.

Another thing of note is that, in my attempt to get everything built, scripted, tested, and released, I forgot to add any autosave functions to the third chapter. I will be adding an update soon with autosave functions in the code, but for now, just be aware that the game will not be saving automatically at any point in chapter 3.

I hope you enjoy the final chapter of Abduction!


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