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We're back, It's mid march and the team has begun work. We need help though, this isnt a 3 person job guys

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Alright Gentlemen. We are starting. I've informed the Team of what needs to be accomplished. Right now we are going to make a multiplayer demo I think. I don't want to make you have to wait for too long. Here's a list of what we can do and what we need to get everything else done.

-Two Maps: A Blood Gulch Varient with a Twist (Yet to be Named) and Mechanophobia ( A Zanzibar Remake with our own spin)

-Voices: Death groans and ,possibly, Taunts such as: "Eat led insurgent Bastard!"

-Music Designers
-Sound Effects People
-Texture Artists
-Voice actors

Without those talents this project will be slow mainly because we don't know those fields what-so-ever
So, please, if you have any of these talents do help. On another note we now have a webpage/blog for smaller updates that I personally will update every wednesday. The blog is here:
Also for those concerned or just saying we will get sued. Look at other Halo mods shut down, They were politely asked. If they do that to me, fine. The mod will go down without a hitch. I respect microsoft and what they do. If that's what happens so be it.


mmmm keep it coming

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I would be willing to beta test if you have any positions for it available. :)

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SourHyperion1 Author

Beta testing will have its own list when we get there. Once we get a playable build we need a server xD

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I can beta test but in the mean time I have a very good microphone (little background static, etc)
So if you told me WHAT to record I could give you some voice clips.

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