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a demo mod combine red alert and LOL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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i want to combine red alert and league of legends together.and make such operation come you can download demo v0.22.

only player can perform as Master Yi,other role wait to be add.

this is just a function demo for you to test.the war mode will has three to click m to switch:normal mode as native origin operate,rts-1mode ,rts-2mode.
you click m to start the rts red alert control -1 mode which means you can press left- mouse and move mouse to create a rectange to select like red alert ,and clicked right mouse to commend the selected army to move to the place where your right mouse clicked.under rts-1 mode,when you put mouse near the edge of screen ,the look pos will rotate.

click m again to start the rts red alert control -2 mode.under rts-2 mode,when you put mouse near the edge of screen ,the screen pos will move.

you must click ctrl+f5 to make player yourself under computer control and then player will allow your rts control.but your ai troops can follow your rts control under rts-1/2 mode without other require.

clicked m again to recover the normal control mode but the rts mouse control UI is still not closed and you need to click n to close wholely function and recover to the real normal mode.otherwise you cannot use talk fuction when you not click n to close ui.
mouse roll up/down can change camera x can force the ai troops you to select to stop z will force all your soldier to stop moving.left alt can make player dance like Master YI.

skill is to click qwer under rts-1/2 operate mode and click tyhj under normal native operate mode.but i only write the q skill and others only has animation.

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