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Sharing Dark Matter’s first gameplay video is one of those moments. Prom. Walking down the aisle. Picking up the gravity gun in Half Life 2. Filled with anticipation, ripe with promise, and charged with enough tension to defy any attempt at hyperbole.

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Today we finally show Dark Matter in action, and it definitely is one of those moments. We’ve talked about the game, and discussed it with many fans. There have been questions and healthy doubt, but mostly a surprising amount of support. You can now see for your own eyes a few of Dark Matter’s gameplay basics, and we hope that they do not disappoint.

That’s just us being modest. We’re very excited by Dark Matter’s potential, and you better not be disappointed.

The first gameplay trailer is set in one of the Endeavour’s less Scavenger-infested areas, and shows the basics of interaction and combat, the darkness system in full action, and a quick glimpse at the inventory and crafting systems.

As a word of caution based on past experience, we’d like to make it clear that this video is not intended to be an exhaustive rundown of every single element of the game, but it should give you enough information about the game to get going for now. There are going to be more gameplay videos as development progresses. In no particular order, expect a more in-depth video on the various weapons, one on the various ammo types and their effects on enemies and the environment, one on upgrade systems, and a couple on enemies and light interactions – if development time and resources allow, we’d like to keep a regular stream of gameplay videos coming through until release.

We’d love to hear your comments, and can’t wait to see what you guys make of Dark Matter!


cool Tracked!!

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This looks really cool! Seems like a very interesting and promising concept of gameplay, tracking this!

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