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Conflicted on what should happen next with the mod.

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Hey, everyone. Sorry if this isn't great news, but I haven't really been working on the mod, and I don't know if I should.

Currently, the mod is in a VERY poor state. I haven't even worked on the second map yet, and the first one has countless issues. I honestly don't know if I should push myself to keep working on it, or just to release all the files I currently have of the game publicly and move on. That includes maps, .vmf's, promotional material, concept art, etc.

I really need advice on this, any would be great.

Some photos of the current state (one level):

Beginning Of First Level

An Overhead Shot

Cube And Button Based Testing

Binocl - - 42 comments

I think you need more feedback.
Find strength and finish work on the first map - add more details, work on the atmosphere.
Then release it as a demo and see if the players want a sequel. If they want, you will be motivated. Good luck bro!

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