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Our Screenshot Contest has come to it's end, and we're bringing you the winners, and we are announcing our BC-305 Concept Art Contest!

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Hello My Firends!

The Screenshot Contest has ended, and the Bc-305 Concept Art contest rizes from the ashes!

Make a sketch/basic mesh/drawing of the ship you would like to see in SGWB as the BC-305, and send it and it's attributes to, and we'll post it, and according to votes and the team's decision, the winning ship will be modeled, and implemented to the mod!

And now you can find out whether You are one of the three, who receive one of our prizes!

And the prizes are:

1st place: New Aurora mesh, textured PuddleJumper and modified F-302.
2nd place: New Aurora mesh and textured PuddleJumper.
3rd place: New Aurora mesh.

And the winner is:

Justaman16493's Babylon 5 vs. Stargate screenshot with an average rating of 7.8!

Screenshot Contestant by justaman16493

Second place goes to:

Zalez1, for his BC-304s vs Hiveship screenshot with an average rating of 7.3!

Screenshot Contestant by Zalez1

And the Third Prize goes to:

Nasharas, for his Bc-304 screenshot with an average rating of 7.03!

Screenshot Contestant by Nasharas

And the other ranks are: (average ratings)
4th: Vourath (6.63)
5th: Wildbeast (6.5)
6th: CKYRules (6.26)
7th: Bjornd (6.23)
8th: Socarr (5.91 )
9th: Ooder(4,8)
10th: Prometheus (4.7)
11th: HorusHunter (4.5)

Note: Winners will receive their prizes in the next few hours.


Damn it. I wanted that ship. Ughh.

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that's a pretty tight range of scores...

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SoulAssassino Author

The scores would have came ot totally differently of course if i just added them together, but because of the different number of votes for each shot, i decided to count averages.

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He wants to further competition. Yeah, and even when others will share mode. ANG

Chce to další soutěž. Jo a jěště kdy vyjde další díl modu. CZ

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