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Greetings, Time surely flies by – It’s been more than three years since the release of Nehrim and we just realized that we never announced our new project, Enderal – on which we’ve been working for 22 months now - on this page! But it is never too late!

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Enderal – The Shards of Order is a total conversion mod currently in development for Bethesda Softwork's Skyrim. The story of Enderal is not setin the Elder Scrolls world of Tamriel, but takes place in its own universe, creating a new, interesting world completely unrelated to Skyrim.

Enderal is being developed by volunteers from the dedicated modding community SureAI, best known for their acclaimed Oblivion total conversion Nehrim – At Fate's Edge that was awarded “Best Singleplayer Editor's Choice” by and “Mod of the Year 2010” by PC Gamer. Enderal bases upon the Skyrim game engine and aspires to become a role playing game comparable to professional game industry products. The continent of Enderal is the stage for an extensive, completely new and epic adventure.Enderal is not only the sequel to Nehrim, but also takes place in the very same universe, just acouple of years after the events of the Nehrim story line. It aims to continue the tradition of the intensive and complex storytelling introduced in Nehrim.

This basically means: What we do here is fantasy for adults, it is dirty and immersive, and there are no fairies. Nehrim's storytelling had some flaws that we want to get rid of – there will be more player decisions and deeper characters. In addition, the skill system will differ a lot from the one in Skyrim. Enderal will feature the known XP based skill system from Nehrim, improved with a differentskill system that will help players to specifiy their characters in a more detailed way, thus intensifying the connection between player and avatar. Long story short, Enderal will be a classic RPG with alternative storytelling. Be excited!

We do not yet have a release date and will not include a progress bar.

•A new continent
•Different climatic regions, which differ from the Nordic setting of Skyrim.
•An overhauled leveling and skill-system
•A complex main quest that differs from the conventional story-patterns of fantasy-games.
•Companions and characters with interesting, multifaceted personalities
•Self-composed soundtracks and ingame-music

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Hannarr - - 62 comments

Often RPG total conversions contain alot of holes,and lack polish. this was not the case with Nehrim, SureAI has a solid modding team and if enderal is anything like Nehrim in terms of quality it is going to be great.

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Guest - - 698,475 comments

For Nehrim i reinstalled Oblivion after i saw the Trailer. Best voice acting (German) then in most other AAA Games. For a mod the Story was really good cant wait to get back.

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WeeGee9000 - - 1,643 comments

You guys make better TCs than any "tripple a" company makes games!

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Stormraven40 - - 185 comments

"Nehrim's storytelling had some flaws"

Says who?

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plumo Online
plumo - - 82 comments

Nehrim was the best RPG experience I've had in years. I hope you guys keep supporting (adding more quests) to Enderal, after it has been released. I'm very excited :).

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Visuv - - 29 comments

Patiently waiting for Enderal then, but i doubt it will be better than Nehrim.

Which doesn't matter, Nehrim was really SO good, i played it in one go (and it's rare that a game can make me do that).

SureAI will make it happen again!

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Avoozl - - 291 comments

The cold grey contrast doesn't really work well with some of those scenes such as the desert one, it's a shame Skyrim was hardcoded to show mostly grey shades with its lighting.

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