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The story of how the battle of the Grandmasters began.

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A long time ago.

Two kingdoms lived in the neighborhood. And they were called Whitehills and Blackwoods. As often happens between neighbors, everything happened between them over the years. And they bit each other here and there, but after a while they always made up. If you look at the inhabitants of Whitehills and Blackwoods from a groan, they were very similar, and there were fewer differences between them than similarities. But the kingdoms themselves for some reason did not really want to recognize their kinship.

Since the kingdoms have always been at war a little over the years, strong military traditions have developed in both. There were different military castes. Each caste learned special fighting techniques and did not recognize anything else. In each caste, only certain weapons were chosen. The simplest warriors preferred long spears. They stabbed only those who, through negligence, were nearby, and when attacked, they refused to even move their legs a little. They were commoners - Pawns. Both men and women fell into the Pawns. These were the laziest of warriors, and of course there were more of them in both kingdoms.


There were others who liked to attack from a run, but only recognized diagonal attacks. Their distinguishing feature is two short swords. So that it is convenient to chop and stab with two hands at the same time. They called them Officers, and sometimes for some reason Bishops. Men and women also became officers.

Still others did not go far during attacks, but always seemed to jump over any obstacles. They were called Knights or even Horses for their unexpected jumps as if they were riding. The true weapon of the Knight is a bastard sword. For some reason, only young ladies always went to the Knights.

There was a caste of warriors called Rooks. Rooks loved heavy armor, blunt weapons, and the obligatory shields. Rooks were very reminiscent of Officers. They also attacked with a running start and could break through very far in one throw. But they never walked diagonally, always in a straight line or to the right, and sometimes, by the way, to the left. Both men and women became rooks, necessarily very strong.

There were rare cunning men among the peoples who mastered the art of fighting with their bare hands. Their unarmed strikes were as deadly as those with sharp steel. They always easily hit in any direction from themselves and seemed to have no equal in battle, but they had one serious drawback. They were passive and never moved from their place during strikes. From that, their dangerous attacks could easily be avoided simply by not approaching within striking distance. For their extraordinary cunning, everyone else considered them their commanders and called them nothing more than Kings.

But there were also queens. The most beautiful of women and of course the most dangerous of warriors. The Queens combined the skills of Bishops and Rooks at the same time and always carried huge two-handed swords with them. Queens could probably rule them all, but their rarity doomed them to maintain parity with other castes. After all, not only the skills of a fighter are important, but the number of such fighters. In addition, the Knights were a constant threat to the Queens, as they could suddenly get close and deliver a decisive blow.

Rules and traditions; with which the warriors of the kingdoms entangled themselves arose so long ago that the soldiers had no idea that it was possible to behave differently in battle. Even under the threat of their death, the soldiers did not abandon the peculiarities of their behavior.

And even though all the warriors were different, they always died the same way, having received only one blow from any enemy.

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Warriors, regardless of castes, were also divided into clans. Each clan had its own sector. The region where the clan came from, and each sector had its own capital. Each capital would have a source of some special valuable resource. Each clan also had some special secret, which the elders of the clan carefully kept from others. There were 23 clans in Whitehills alone, while Blackwoods had others. Both kingdoms controlled approximately the same territory and were equal in strength.

Our days.

Whitehills almost fell before the unstoppable onslaught of the Black Horde. The remnants of white warriors are scattered, but still hold a small amount of primordially white lands. Almost all of the clan capitals are under the control of Blackwood. The clans fell or went over to the side of the Black Horde. Only the clans of Orlando and Okhmatdet still have not retreated and are holding the line. Few resources are preserved in the Citadel of Whitehills, the capital of the Orlando clan, the Elric obelisk.

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It seemed that the last days in the history of Whitehills were approaching, but only this mysterious White Grandmaster, who had recently appeared in the Citadel. He not only speaks intricate speeches, but also makes he already built a mysterious temple on the hill. Some unusual new warriors are already appearing from the temple - White heroes. In appearance, they are the same as other clan warriors, but there are also striking differences. Where does this unprecedented stamina come from, which allows them to endure dozens of enemy blows, where does the ability to restore the reserves of this stamina called Vitality come from. Where does their ability to take on the guise of defeated enemies come from. Rumor has it that even the suffering land of the kingdom of Whitehills helps them by giving them special abilities that the horde warriors never dreamed of. Already several occupied regions in recent weeks have been reclaimed by these White heroes. In some places the enemy even faltered and went over to a deaf defense.

Can these mysterious White heroes be able to change the fate of Whitehills and turn back evil fate?

Find the answer by playing Grandmaster's Revenge, and at the same time find out what happened between close neighbors in the gap between the distant past and the present.


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