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In this news update, we show you more music, but we really talk about wanting more publicity and activity for the mod.

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Hello all of you fine people at ModDB,

Sorry we haven't posted in a while, with school and our social lives, we are very busy! Well, we've got some good stuff on the table for you guys, so let's go!

First, we have some more music. Yes I know, it seems as though EVERY news post has more music tracks in it. Well, the truth is, they all do! Deal with it :P Enjoy the new music that is part of the Half-Life 2: Retaliation soundtrack, but please note: This is from the official movie score "Constantine" and was composed by Brian Tyler. We take no credit for the music. We just renamed the songs for our soundtrack for appropriate reasons.

Second, we like to remind all of you that we do have a:


Its been up for about three to four weeks, yet none of you stopped by, and it makes us sad :( So come on down! We also have a:


We would love it if you could join that too and support the mod even more. And, as a special treat for all of you fine people for supporting us so long, we decided to work up a teaser trailer, so here you go!

Well, thats all for now, folks. We hope you will support our mod by going to those community links, its well worth your time. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for even more exclusive videos of the mod's development and more!

Please, visit the official website here, and the official forum here, and the Steam community group here.

- Adrian Lopez
Half-Life 2: Retaliation Lead Developer

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Jike - - 177 comments

less music, more game!

other than that, the update looks fine! :)

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Cybio - - 1,010 comments

Music is very important for a game / mod ;-)

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fL. - - 110 comments


No it isn't

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Cremat0r - - 6,885 comments

Not only is your comment uneducated and very similar to a dumb trolling try, also, even if you don't want to sound like a troll, you are denying one simple fact:
Half-Life Soundtrack, would HL and HL2 be the same without music?
Think about it.

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fL. - - 110 comments


well, your areas looks too big, make it twice smaller, at all nothing special for team

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AdrianL1996 Author
AdrianL1996 - - 467 comments

Really, you could stop trolling. You are seriously starting to bug me for your negative attitude. **** off if you don't have anything good to say, or I will report you to the administration for trolling.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
fL. - - 110 comments

I don't troll you, I never said that your mod ****, but it could be much better. Music is good, but you level design is not quite good, so make it better and stop call me troll, I hate it. Sorry me, If you see trolling in my posts,It was not my purpose.

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AdrianL1996 Author
AdrianL1996 - - 467 comments

We would appreciate it if you would KINDLY offer criticism and constructive comments, rather then pointing out flaws. We are doing what we can, but we need you to at least have some respect.

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agent00kevin - - 1,276 comments

He's not a troll he's just blunt. It would be better if everyone who offered criticism would also suggest a way to improve, but a lot of 'em here dont.

I think what he says in not so many words is that from the screenshots, all of your larger areas are just big rectangles with some stuff thrown in. That will bore players after a while. I know big warehouses are usually just recatangles too, but as I said, it gets boring.

What Modders usually want to do is make each level stick in the player's mind after they are done, to make a mark. After a while, all of the big box rooms will just blend together and in the end they wont remember anything but box after box with hard battles in them.

I know your Mod is still in the early stages and we have yet to see a lot. The mapping doesnt neccesarily need to get better, it just needs to get different.

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