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Today the team shares an exciting new gameplay demo for our upcoming, story-driven Fallout 4 mod: A Tale of Jo, Liz, & a Better World.

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Hello again! Today we have an exciting new update for our story-driven new world modification for Fallout 4: A Tale of Jo, Liz, and a Better World. Today, we're sharing a gameplay demo, featuring a quest about a third of the way into our story. We're all very excited to pull back the curtain on the story and world a bit more, and we all sincerely hope that you enjoy!

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As a quick recap:

A Better World tells the story of two women on the run from the Institute: Jo and Liz, and their mission to create a better, safer world. After three years of relative safety, their past has caught up with them: they find themselves hunted by retention synths and a rogue, ruthless courser, with everything they’ve worked to build at stake. To support this story, A Better World features a dual setting split between the vast wilderness of Abbot County and the derelict ruins of an underground pre-war shopping center called Vault-Tec Plaza.

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We're also always looking to expand our small, experienced team! If you want to contribute to A Better World, you can check out our recruitment video for more information.

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