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During nine weeks we've been working on our school project - the game Pillow Fight! We now have one week left to finish up the last parts of it before the expo where it will be shown to the world.

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What's new?

The game has now been submitted to SGA, and the group is eagerly waiting for the judges to have their say. For those who want our latest description of the game - keep on reading.

Game Description

Let’s take pillow fighting to the next level! Enter the Dreamworld where the pillows take over the fight themselves and fight each other in this 2.5D arena. Navigate by jumping, swinging with your grappling hook as well as using the layout of the arena to your advantage. Make each other explode in colorful feathers and prove who the best pillow fighter is.

This is a game that aims to be fun and easy, but still keep its intense feeling. Just pick up a controller, challenge your friends (or foes), and battle. In the end, the game is just as easy to play as it is to enjoy!

Click this YouTube link for the latest gameplay!

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