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The days of Settling Revenge on 8bit funding is coming to a close. We need help.

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Unless you are extremely into and up-to-date on the indie front, you likely didn't know this, but the game, Settling Revenge is registered on the site 8 bit funding.

Haven't heard about it? It's a great site for upstarting indie developers to cover the costs of their passion. All you have to do is write some info, make a video and give a date you hope to recieve the funding. A concept I fully support.
It's quite similar to KickStarter, but a lot more personal and for Indie Games only. It's also quite new, so it is still growing and maturing.

The thing is, Settling Revenge's time is almost up, and the goal is not met.
And if the goal is not met, no funding is transferred. I have to admit my focus hasn't exactly been promoting the funding for the game, rather than working on it. So it had to be expected.

As much as I hate to do this, I cannot ignore the fact that developing a game like this has expenses.
Expenses I do not personally have the funding to cover.

There is not much needed in total, but without it, there can be no official release of the game and it will remain unfinished.

So this is my last ditch effort before the time runs out. Can you help me create this game?

The funding page is located at:

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