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For the past couple of months, I've been sharing info, screenshots, and music samples from 8-Bit Adventures 2 on social media. So I've gathered the first lot together for IndieDB!

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For the past couple of months, I've been sharing info, screenshots, and music samples from 8-Bit Adventures 2 on social media. So now I've gathered the first set of them (from October) together for everyone on Steam!

But before we begin, I just want to remind everyone that 8-Bit Adventures 2 is launching on PC (Steam & GOG) on January 31st, 2023! (The console versions are coming later that same year)

1920x1080 Steam and GOG with Dat

Right now, IndieDB's annual "Indie of the Year" competition is now on, and I'd be thrilled if you'd consider giving your vote to 8-Bit Adventures 2!

With our launch so close, IndieDB's competition is a great opportunity for us. Your vote would be a big help in getting us some more attention ahead of launch, so if you want to support our work, I'd sincerely appreciate it.

To vote, you can click the Vote Now button at the top of this page! You don't need an account or anything =)

Additionally, if you want to go above and beyond in supporting us, then please consider wishlisting 8-Bit Adventures 2 on Steam or GOG using the links below. It genuinely makes a massive difference.

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With all that said and done, strap in - because we've got a LOT of posts to catch up on!

Music Sample #1

Music’s an essential part of any JRPG, so I wanted to begin sharing some tracks as we approach 8-Bit Adventures 2's release ๐ŸŽต

First up, it’s "The Adventure Begins!" This theme accompanies our game’s prologue, as you fight your way across a twilight desert~

The full 8-Bit Adventures 2 soundtrack features 78 songs, so if you like NES-style chiptune music, you're in for a treat! โ˜บ๏ธ

The Warrior

A hero who saved the world, the Warrior is a kind-hearted soldier who grapples with fear & insecurity. Having settled down with the love of his life, he thought his adventuring days were over. But after an attack on his hometown he suddenly disappears...

Warrior Full Alt 2

To be clear, the Warrior, Thief, Mage, and Robot are all characters which are named by the player in 8-Bit Adventures 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰


Azureus is the central shipping hub of the world – a role its people work hard to maintain. There’s not a merchant who hasn’t passed through the marble gates of this scenic port town! The Azureus Guard are always on patrol, but rarely face any danger ๐Ÿ˜…

01 1

02 2

03 2

04 1

Music Sample #2

The small coastal village of Driftwood is the first town you’ll explore in 8-Bit Adventures 2. While its sunny shores seem pleasant, pickpockets prey on travelers, and rumors of a Black Market abound. Driftwood's catchy theme captures that duality๐ŸŽต

The Pyramid

The Pyramid was built by an ancient civilisation whose homeland was transformed into a desert by a great catastrophe. The last King of Ra Heru once took refuge here – but it ultimately became his tomb. What secrets still hide beneath the Pyramid? ๐Ÿค”

01 2

02 3

03 3

04 2

The Pyramid was a mandatory dungeon in 8-Bit Adventures 1, so it was fun putting a new spin on it as an optional dungeon in the sequel!

The Enemies of 8-Bit Adventures 2

The world of 8-Bit Adventures 2 is filled with foes both strong & strange, so I wanted to showcase a few!

These include the All-Seeing Idol, Overweight Snake, Self-Obsessed Squid, Gallivanting Grave, Kamikazbee, Regal Rat, & Grinning Ember ๐Ÿ‘น

Enemy Lineup White Background

Including bosses, 8-Bit Adventures 2 features 98 of the toughest and weirdest foes around. And since they wander the overworld, there are no random battles!

The Thief

Growing up on the streets of Pheopolis shaped the Thief – yet her sharp tongue can’t hide a heart of gold. She spent years caring for orphans like herself, but has since built a new life with the Warrior. When he suddenly disappears, she begins a quest for answers…

Thief Full Alt 2


This one's for the hardcore JRPG fans – let’s look at menus in 8-Bit Adventures 2! We wanted to retain the old school vibe, but ensure a snappy experience without any sluggishness.

Ultimately the goal was to create a UI that’s classic, yet convenient.

01 3

02 4

03 4

04 3

And just for fun, here's a bonus pic of the Augments menu - where you can equip powerful Augments to influence your party's stats and abilities!



The Royal City of Pheopolis is made up of 4 man-made islands, suspended above a lake. It's a city where obscene wealth & abject poverty exist side-by-side - overlooked by a golden castle where young Queen Elena works to change her city for the better.

01 4

02 5

03 5

04 4

Pheopolis was in the first game too, but this time players will get to explore the full city, including the gritty Merchant District & the opulent Gold District!

Estriatus Ruins

The idyllic forest town of Estriatus has been transformed into a ruin by the Glitch. Clear water is now poison sludge, spiked vines burst from the ground, and earthquakes tear apart the land. The houses are empty, so what happened to the people? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

01 5

02 6

03 6

04 5

Estriatus was just a normal town in the first game, so figuring out how to transform its layout into a fully-fledged dungeon for 8-Bit Adventures 2 was a lot of fun.

The Bosses of 8-Bit Adventures 2

8-Bit Adventures features more than 35 challenging Bosses, each with unique mechanics and powerful attacks to overcome! So let’s meet a few less spoiler-y ones, including the Glitch, Bandit Bros, Beaming Inferno, Leviathan and Experimental Titan!

Boss Lineup White Background

8-Bit Adventures 2 features 98 of the toughest and weirdest foes around in total!

The Mage

The Mage is centuries-old; the last in a long line of magic users. An experiment gone wrong ended his Father’s life & changed his fate forever. Formerly known as the Red Mage, he cast his title aside after saving the world, to start anew with his life-long love.

Mage Full

And we'll leave it there for now! I'll have another collection of posts like this coming very soon. Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this post!

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