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First progress update for 7’s Second WAD, talking mainly about maps.

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I have managed to make 3 levels (excluding those in the demo) and put them into separate episodes, with the first map in the demo having it’s own episode called Warmup, due to it feeling disconnected from the other maps and being a (mostly) good way to ease the player in. I had to watch a tutorial made by Chubzdoomer on YouTube on how to change the MAPINFO to try and make the WAD have a sorta higher quality feel and because I have access to better tools with more features and I want to get better at making Doom WADs. I haven’t figured out the multiplayer tag yet, it doesn’t seem to work properly, at least not with things, but hopefully I’ll figure that out sometime soon. The 3rd level of the non-demo levels is going to be a boss fight, which I’ve made most of, I just need to add the finishing touches.

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