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State of the crowdfunding campaign and more details about the game

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Hey everyone!

In just under 24 hours, we've stormed past both 50% and 70% off. It's been absolutely delightful to see and it's blown us away - thank you very much! To celebrate, here's a peek at one of the concept design sketches for an outfit of Mei's:

Concept sketch

If you've not pledged yet, what're you waiting for? Check it out here! KS link. Following on from this, we'd like to present some more revelations about Sense's lore and world. These provide a peek into the unique setting and tone of the game.

Day 6

In Chinese culture, the period between mid July and August is called “Ghost Month”. At this time, the gateway to the spirit world is wide open. Offerings of food, money and gifts must be burnt, or the neglected spirits will make themselves known. No technology can change this.

Day 7

Restless spirits wander the streets, halls, and rooms of Neo Hong Kong, perhaps more powerful than ever due to their anger over generations of neglect.

If you want to help to make all this a reality, please consider making a pledge to Sense's Kickstarter campaign! Stay tuned for more...

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