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6 days left until release! Talking about expectations for mod and clearing something else up.

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I finished the mod earlier today, and have spent the rest of the day polishing it off and adding in a few things, meaning that it will be able to be released by the deadline on October the Thirty First.
I'll try my best to get a video of gameplay up, but I cannot promise anything in that regard, however what I am now able to promise is that this is a quality product, and I believe that when it is released it will have the greatest visuals of any HPL2 mod released to date, emphasized by over a year and half of experience with the HPL2 engine. Trust me, this is worth your time - and I have am usually reluctant to say such about a mod.

I would also like to point out that there is no voice acting for this mod. At all. But, there is for Chapter One - I do not want people to go into this mod expecting high quality voice acting so I intend to make that clear here, however, the dialogue is minimal anyway, and thusly this shouldn't bother the vast majority of players.

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