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Version 1.7 of 5thLegacy (3rd Anniversary update)

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The changes expected to take place in version 1.7
Expected to be released April 29th
This version contains a lot of changes to improve the balancing and overall quality of gameplay.
A few civilizations are also getting overhauled to improve their usability and historical accuracy.
Also updated the original civilizations' files to be more competitive.
This version aims to correct issues in the mod's balance and design using insights into the original game's design to provide an improved and innovated experience; keeping in mind the original game's design direction while expanding on it. Previous versions only attempted to improve and expand without much regard to the original design.

Added some new doodads for Scenario Editor
Stumps and Rubble are now placeable, by default, in Scenario Editor
Added Mathematics technology in the Market (increased Mining work rate and carry capacity)
Added new graphics for "Barbarian" civilization Roads and Plazas
Buildings now have outlines when being placed
Added "new" death process for units to improve combat smoothness
Added new construction graphics for walkable Farms
Added new roof graphics for "Roman" building sets
Added the Achaemenid Empire (renamed Persian to Sasanian)

Clubman/Axeman no longer have 1 base Melee Armor
Swordsmen units now take less damage from Cavalry
Short Sword in now free in the Bronze Age
Swordsman units now cost 45f/15g instead of 35f/15g
Swordsman units no longer have 1 base Pierce Armor
Broad Swordsmen now have 80 Hp instead of 70
Scouts no longer have 1 base Pierce Armor
Chariot units now cost 65 Food instead of 45; increased attack of Chariots to 8 from 7
Scythe Chariots: lowered Melee Armor to 2 from 3
Cavalry units now cost 90f/60g instead of 75f/70g
Cavalry: increased attack to 9 from 8; decreased bonus vs Swordsmen units to +1
Heavy Cavalry: increased attack to 12 from 11
Cataphract: increased attack to 16 from 15
Cataphracts and Heavy Camel Riders now have 2 base Pierce Armor
Camel Rider units now cost 75f/50g instead of 60f/60g; increased attack to 7 from 6
Camel Riders: Removed base Pierce Armor; adjusted bonus vs Cavalry to 2x base attack (+7/+12)
Logistics now affects Bowmen units
Improved Bowman units now cost 45f/20g instead of 35f/25g
Lowered Improved Bowman units Hp to 45/50/60 respectively from 50/55/70
Chariot Archers: delayed attack by 2 frames (+2 frame delay)
Lowered Horse Archer units Melee Armor by 1, 0/1 respectively
Horse Archer units now cost 75f/70g instead of 60f/70g
Horse Archer units have +10 Hp, is now 80/110 respectively
Horse Archer units have +1 attack, but have decreased fire rate to maintain DPS (about -10%)
Elephant units now cost 165f/40g, instead of 150f/50g
Elephant units now move slightly faster (original speed for base tiers; high tiers are -5% slower than base tiers)
Elephant Archer units have +10% DPS (increased fire rate)
Elephant Archers now have 7 range instead of 8
Siege Weapons and Siege Ships: gain +5 attack with Alchemy instead of +2
Siege Weapons no longer do extra damage to each other
Catapult units no longer have Pierce Armor
Catapult units now have 1.2 blast area instead of 1.35/1.5 respectively
Increased Ballista units attack by +10; removed bonus vs Elephant units
Increased Helepolis Hp by +5; removed Pierce Armor
Elite Infantry: increased Melee Armor by 1, is now 7; lowered attack to 16 from 17
Siege Ships now have 1.2 blast area instead of 1/1.5 respectively

Babylon: lowered Tower and Wall bonuses to +50% from +75%
Assyria: Increased Cavalry vs Swordsmen bonus to +3 from +2
Minoa: Removed Pierce Armor bonus for Siege Weapons
Hittie: Lowered Catapult Hp bonus to +50% from +67%
Phoenicia: Can now train Centurions; removed Tower Shield; fixed Free Marketing
Persia/Sasanians: Now has the Wheel; removed Composite Bow; Cavalry have +10% Hp
Sumeria: Removed Metallurgy and Iron Shield; added Chain Mail for Infantry; lowered farm bonus to +200 from +250
Shang: Re-added Scythe Chariots
Yamato: Can now train Slaves
Rome: Lowered Tower cost bonus to -33% from -50%
Carthage: Lowered Transport speed bonus to +25% from +30%
Palmyrene: Lowered Villager work rate bonus to +20% from +25% work rate; added Logistics
Thrace: Removed Chain Mail for Infantry, Engineering, and Melee Armor bonus for Heavy Infantry units
Thrace: Added +2 attack for Heavy Infantry units and +3 attack in the Iron Age (total of +5)
Thrace: Added Aristocracy and Afterlife; removed Mysticism
Troy: Removed speed debuff from Cavalry units; Cavalry Hp bonus is based on Age/techs ending with +25% after Heavy Cavalry
Troy: Added Astrology
Parthia: Removed Catapults, Legions, Long Swordsmen, Tower Shield, and Chain Mail for Infantry
Parthia: Added Engineering and Composite Bowman
Aksum: Archery Ranges work 25% faster instead of population bonus for Bowmen units
Indus Valley: Removed Alchemy; added Howdah Archers
Sa Huynh: Lowered Siege Weapon speed bonus to +15% from +20%
Han: Removed Mysticism and work rate bonus for Academies; added Polytheism
Han: Changed Heavy Infantry bonus to +25% Attack rate
Philistia: Added Jihad; removed Mysticism
Baekje: Removed speed bonus for Chariot units
Zhou: Ships now cost normal prices; removed Privateer; added Juggernaught
Zhou: Added Marksmen, Helepolis; removed Elephant Archers, Cataphract, Catapult
Zhou: Removed Elephant Archer bonus; added +1 Melee Armor and +1 in the Iron Age for Heavy Infantry units (total of +2)
Iberia: Improved Bowmen units now have +15% fire rate
Xiongnu: Changed bonuses to +2m/1p Armor, +2 Attack, +15% Hp, +20% cost, -15% speed for Cavalry and Horse Archer units (-20% attack rate for Horse Archer units)
Xiongnu: Removed Craftsmanship, Legions, Engineering, Hipposandal, and previous bonuses/debuffs
Xiongnu: Added Cataphract; Houses require -10 Wood (20w), -5 Time (15s), but provide only 3 population
Bactria: Removed Mysticism and work rate bonus for Government Centers; increased Horse Archer Hp bonus to +20% from +15%
Elam: Added Iron Shield; changed Elephant bonus to require Iron Shield; removed Chain Mail for Infantry
Cyrene: Added Medicine
Dravids: Scythe Chariot area attack bonus lowered to +20% from +25%
Celts: Added Composite Bowman
Germanics: Removed Tower Shield; Swordsmen now gain +1 Pierce armor from Iron Age, instead of from Tower Shield
Van Lang: Swordsmen now cost 35/40/45/45 Wood, respectively; increased Elephant Archer attack rate bonus to +20% from +10%
Van Lang: Added Architecture, Astrology, and Medicine; removed Mysticism and Alchemy
Kush: Added Aristocracy; removed Catapults
Illyria: Added Martyrdom; removed Mysticism
Pontus: Increased Cavalry Melee Armor bonus by +1, is now +4 after Cataphract
Numidia: Removed Mysticism
Dilmun: Cavalry gain +1 attack with Metallurgy (total of +3); added Chain Mail for Archery
Maurya: Lowered Elephant train time bonus to -20% from -25%
Jomon: Lowered cost of Villagers to 35 Wood from 40; corrected work rate modifier issues
Jomon: Added Legion and Elite Infantry; removed Iron Shield, Heavy Catapult, Scythe Chariot, Ballista Tower, Hipposandal, Monotheism, and Martyrdom

Increased cost of Broad Sword to 200/100 from 160/75; changed time to 75 from 90
Increased cost of Long Sword to 300/100 from 200/100
Increased the cost of Marksman upgrade to 1600/800 from 1600/600
Adjusted cost of Artisanship and Craftsmanship (180/125 from 170/150, 240/175 from 240/200)
Lowered the effect of Stone/Gold Mining and Siegecraft to +30% from +37.5%
Early Town Centers no longer cost 100 Stone (Bronze and Iron Age still cost 100 Stone)
Elephants now spawn on the Lost map type
Lowered time of Woodworking to 45 from 60
Lowered time of Artisanship to 60 from 80
Lowered time of Craftmanship to 75 from 100
Increased time of Stone Mining to 45 from 30
Increased time of Siegecraft to 75 from 60
Lowered time of Gold Mining to 45 from 50
Increased time of Coinage to 75 from 60
Increased time of Domestication to 45 from 40
Lowered time of Irrigation to 75 from 80
Increased cost of Composite Bow to 240f/150w from 180f/120w
Increased cost and time of Storage Pit techs
Lowered cost of Docks to 80 from 100
Lowered cost of Storage Pit and Granary to 100 from 120
Lowered cost of Markets to 150 from 175
Lowered Hp of Storage Pits and Granaries to 250 from 350
Farm upgrades now apply +125/100/100 Food respectively, instead of +100/75/75
Farms now start at 275 Food (+25) and finish with 600 Food
Watch Towers set attack to 4; same fire rate as original now (+33% DPS)
Sentry Towers set attack to 5; same fire rate as original now (+25% DPS)
Guard Towers set attack to 8; same fire rate as original now (+33% DPS)
Ballista Towers: set attack to 24 (+20% DPS)
Ballista Towers gain +2 attack from Alchemy, instead of +1
Berry Bushes spawn at a more consistent distance now
Wonders now have 600 Hp instead of 500 Hp

Improved the graphical centering of various Walls
Improved the availability of Gazelle and Elephant spawns on various map types
Most non-Priest and Civilian Heroes are now "Hero" class and will not benefit from most upgrades
Added new names for Aksumite leaders
Fixed alternate Gaia Ruin
Fixed an issue with civilizations displaying Legion "shadow tech" when then couldn't actually get them
Roads and Plazas no longer reveal Fog of War when placed

(some of these may be subject to change before release)

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