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We reached 5th place in the Players Choice for Mod of the Year!

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Thanks again to everyone for an amazing launch of the First Slice and 15k downloads!


The reception to our mod has been wonderful! We have gotten a lot of great feedback both positive and negative from the community we plan on digging into in the beginning of the new year to help improve upon what we've already released.

We want to thank everyone who voted for the mod and those who have downloaded in the past 6 days, 5th place for a mod that only released barely a week ago sure is a great feeling. And if you haven't downloaded it you definitely should! 10 levels that will be very familiar from the original leak along with all new areas, voice acting, models and more! Download Here!

Elevator shot

Nuclear Winter Mapping Contest!

Thank you to the two mappers that worked hard on their maps for the contest. Both NESTECH and SilverScrub showed some great talent in the maps they made for the contest.

Abandoned EDF Base

We had a Multiplayer Developer's Stream on Tuesday where we showed off both maps and the community agreed, SilverScrub's Map Abandoned Base is our winner! Not only did it show mapping competency, they also did a great job of utilizing the "Winter" theme of the contest even if subtle. We had so much fun playing it we went three rounds on it. This map will be included in a future multiplayer update for the entire community to enjoy!





NESTECH's map Tel-Aviv was also a good map with good promise in some of the texture and geometry work. It unfortunately did not really meet our requirements for the Winter theme and it also had some technical issues that prevented us from properly testing it. We look forward to the unique work that NESTECH is able to bring to the table and hope to see more entries from them in the future.



To the Future!

Starting in the new year we are going to be recruiting a few more members for multiple departments and putting together a new multiplayer update for the community! Keep tuned in next year as we prepare the update!

Always Bet On Duke!


Muleke_Trairao - - 254 comments

Congratulations on reaching 5th place! You guys deserve it! :D

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Guest - - 695,714 comments


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neophus - - 584 comments

Great ! Nice work from the community !

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,125 comments

Hail to the king!

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grynn - - 19 comments

Great job guys.

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WhiteDove_101 - - 21 comments

Amazing work and congratulations!

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