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I've noticed we've reached 5K hits, so it's time for another update. Pics to follow.

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Hello everyone, good to be back.
You may or may not have know but I have been busy with working on the Star Fox Generations Mod, (By the way you should all check it out) but I'm back for a little to put together a little something for all you waiting to see results.

First off, this mod takes place just after the battle of Endor and the events of EAW FOC. So the teams will be adjusted accordingly.
Second, I hope to answer a few questions, such as what happened to the Zann Consortium and the sith army that Sirli found?
And Third, I want to make this mod one that everyone will enjoy.

Now to outline the Changes I plan to make, these aren't set in stone and it's possible I may change them.

First up, new planets. Lehon, Malacor IV, Onderon, Dxun, More of the Corrilia system, as well as many other well known star wars locations, and some surprises.

new Units:

For the Rebellion/New Republic:
To reflect their ragtag fleet and organization, various units from different eras will be utlised by the new republic, but will be available in limited numbers only. Their roles aren't yet set in stone tho and are liable to change.
These units are,
MC80 homeone variant
Cutless 9 fighters
Trireme Corvette

For the Empire/Imperial Remanent:
As the emperor has fallen and a great number of ships were destroyed at Endor, the empire must turn to new sources to find the strength they need to turn back and crush the rebel scum.
new ships include:
Sabaoth destroyer
Victor II
Mandator Mk1 or 2
Anit-armour Stormtroopers
Carrack corvette

For The Zann Consortium:
As seen at the end of FOC, Sirli has found an army of sith soldiers. This along with exploring more mandalorian tech, The Zann will be stronger than ever.
New Units:
Sith Soldiers
mandalorian tank
Jehavey frigate
Kyramud Attack Cruiser
Sith Frigate
Lictor dungon ship
Vengeance SSD
mandolorian fighters
mando Commandos

i will hopefully have new pics up for some of these units in the near future.

As the time has changed, new heroes are needed to replace those who have died or are no longer relevant.

New Republic:
removing: Yoda, Obi wan, Raymus Antillies
New: Kyle Katan (Jedi), a second jedi, Leia Organa, Space Garm Bel Ibis

Imperial Remanent:
removing: Tarkin, Piett, Emperor, Vader, Executor
new: Ysanne Isard, Captian Pelleaon, Two new dark side adepts or acolytes, A SSD

Zann Consortium:
Removing: Bossk
new: Darth Wolvius, Darth Andro

These are the changes that have been planed and are currently being worked on, please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

I am also in need of a skinner and a mapper or a MTD or DAT editor (Rlly need someone to help with that), I could also use a modeller but this mod will live with out one for now. If you would like to help in any way please contact me.

Well Here's to the future of this mod and all you who are long suffering in waiting for this mod.

Thanks for listening,

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