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50% off sale, plus a quick look at what's new in the upcoming update.

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KarBOOM is on sale

Until Christmas Day ends, KarBOOM is on sale for 50% off. Get it for only $5 for yourself or for your friends straight from me at and get a Desura key, or buy it directly through Desura,, or!


Coming up

KarBOOM 1.1 is coming out soon - it has been delayed a little as I move from one country to another, hence me not putting a deadline on it. But it'll be a free update, and as it currently stands in development, AI has been significantly improved, new skins have been added, and bugs have been fixed.

3 new skins and much smarter AI, which will be scaled down for more difficulty settings

The current plan is for each of the 3 new skins to be associated with an AI difficulty level. Beat that AI one-on-one to unlock their skin for human use.

In KarBOOM 1.1, not yet released, bots easily navigate to their target

Follow me @JibbSmart on Twitter for instant updates on KarBOOM. Post here on IndieDB/Desura or message me on Twitter to let me know about bugs that need squishing in future updates.

Finally, play with controllers! I've played KarBOOM with Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii controllers (needed the nunchuck for the Wiimote, though), as well as Logitech and other generic PC gamepads. Give it a go!

And Merry Christmas!

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