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Hello and thank you! We are 50% done and that's all thanks to your help!

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Hello and thank you!

We are 50% done and that's all thanks to your help!

Stretch goal at $25000: Crafting system

It’s only natural in a survival situation to use whatever is close at hand. To represent this aspect of wilderness and urban survival, we are planning a simple but effective crafting system for the game.

Collect all manner of things and try to combine them to create something new… And who knows, maybe one day it will help you in a tight spot! Or seal your fate.

Grenade + duct tape + rat = interesting trap!Grenade + duct tape + rat = interesting trap!

You can experiment with different combinations of items, but the success of the end result will be determined by the Tinkering skill.

Stretch goal at $30.000: Female protagonist

It’s easy to make an automatic male to female protagonist transition, by changing “he” for “she” at specific places in each line of dialogue.

However, this is not what we have in mind. Role-playing characters of different genders should come with slightly different and sometimes even unique experiences and varied story telling. Different approaches to solving the same quest situations are also needed.

Our aim is to make certain NPCs react to male and female protagonists differently, say different things, act differently according to the gender the player picked at the beginning of the game.

This needs a complete overhaul of most dialogues in the game – a task which isn’t that easy, seeing how we already have 3000+ lines, and the game isn’t even finished, not by a long shot. However, with extra donations, it will become possible for our writer team to start working full-time to make it happen.

Thank you again, guys! Without you this wouldn't be possible and we are positive that with your continued support we can make it!

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