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457 AD is recruiting! We need modelers who can use blender, sceners, 2D artists with photoshop skills and possibly coders!

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Hello! I'm one of the devs of 457 AD, a Warband mod set in Late Antiquity, right before the fall of the Western Roman Empire, during Majorian's reconquest of Gaul.
At the moment we're preparing our next update, which will be focused on the Pontic Caspian Steppes, with new factions, culture, challenges and more.
Our team has been working hard through these years, with models, custom maps, new assets, quests and more and now our team is overburdened of work. If you think Late Antiquity/Migration Era is your thing, that Majorian died too early, the Huns are a cool bunch and the Saxons have the drip, please consider joining our team! At the moment we're in need of:

🛡️ 3D Modelers 🪓
Create weapons and armor to fit the time period. Create ships and other models for use in scenes. Even beginners on blender can help!

🛡️ Sceners 🪓
Create battle and settlement maps, as well as dungeon maps.

🛡️ 2D Artists 🪓
Especially photoshop users that can create art for loading screens and above all textures for shield patterns, textile decorations and so on.

🛡️ Coders 🪓
To assist our lead with all the funky fun coding challenges of adding in new features.

If you like the mod's concept and the idea behind it, and maybe you want to train for Bannerlord, step forward! Join our discord and send us a message. We have an active community behind and your work would be greatly appreciated not only by the team members but by our 457 AD chad enjoyers too.

This is our Discord link:


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