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Showing some stuff that I have been working on, making my work feel more like a horror game than just a basic road.

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Zombie production is getting there but need to be rebuilt. Currently character builds sort of look like this: (Trying to learn but it's not easy for me)


2ndly I have been rebuilding my level design's to be more narrow like the old Resident Evil games.
The map design was using lines in 3ds Max then adding smaller collision's with 3ds Max called UCX.
(This is because UCX can't handle large collision's so made lots of smaller ones)


After carefully planning this out I used this, imported to UDK, have been very carefully using these blueprints to layout the lines in UDK, editing them if there are any collision issue's.

This is the current look of the project:


Here's a a test of me using it in 3rd person.

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