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Here's another showcase of one of our sets as well as some talk about how we envision full-loot open-PvP for Profane, and why we believe you can't just toss that feature at any MMORPG and expect it to work.

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After sharing our cloth and leather sets with you, it's time to showcase the plate set we have forged around here.

Of course, you might see some changes before you get to wear it, but we couldn't resist showing you what we have created so far.

In the previous posts, we talked about our plans for looks and skins and stats and the role armors will have in combat.

In case you missed them, here you go:

🔗 Cloth:

🔗 Leather:

This time, we'd like to talk about two foundations for Profane: it will always be full-loot and open PvP. It's at its core! There is no point in creating a game where you give the player freedom to pursue a role but not let him be a killer or a pirate, for instance. Why would you build a house if you don't need to store your items? Why craft stuff if you only ever need them once? Risk-and-reward is a fundamental part of everything we are creating. That's why we know we need to make the world of Profane absolutely dynamic so things can be in constant transformation and players are actually able to create the history of this world through their actions. Empires will rise and fall, regions with good resources will matter and will be disputed for control. Continents will emerge and submerge.

We believe full-loot and PvPFfA (PvP Free for All) just can't be tossed as a feature in any game. For it to work, the game has to be made so that those features are only a consequence of how loyal the game is to true RPG freedom, where actions have consequences instead of you being denied to perform them just because the game design can't support them!

What's your perception of full-loot, and what actions do you think are most necessary to make it work for you?

We hope you've enjoyed this series of posts with different types of equipment you'll be able to wear, and don't worry: there's more to come, and we can't wait to talk about them as well.

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