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Hey guys! Since our last update, we've been working actively on the game. And now, we're glad to announce that all the 3D Objects Models that will be used in the game are DONE!

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So here are some of the models that look the most attractive (at least to me)

ONE OF MANY VERSIONS OF HOUSES. Wonder if you are going to live there?

Teahouse v  1

AGAIN, ONE OF THE INNS/RESTAURANTS. If you can't go home for days, this inn would be the best option for you. As for the price...

Restaurant v  2

A CANDLE HOLDER. Mind helping me to light all the candles there?

Lamp v  3

A POTION BOTTLE. It says potion bottle. But there's no way I could tell the difference between POTION and POISON by just looking at the bottle right?

Potion Bottle v  2

A BOOK RACK (ONE OF MANY VERSIONS). Now this will be able to hold many books. How many books do you think it could hold?

Rack v  5

AAANNDD... A WELL. Well, if you're out of money and you need water, you can take some from this well. It's FREE!


So those are for the current news. We also have lots of progress in the Development Department but we can't show you that now. But don't worry, a trailer or gameplay video will be posted soon. So, make sure to check our news. Bye!


If these renders are in blender,I'd suggest upping the samples. Here's a screenshot to show where.

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Javiera_Stephanie Author

Hey thank you for your suggestion, but we're already using that. I just decided to post the images instead on this post

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I believe you misunderstood me increasing the sample number gives clearer renders. Screenshots to show comparison.
High sampling
Low Sampling

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