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While showcasing a 3D leather set designed for Profane, we take the opportunity to talk about our plans for equipment in the game: how will they work? How do they affect your performance in combat? How do we plan for you to upgrade them? These and other information are discussed below.

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Are you curious to know how this set (or equipment in general) might affect your performance in combat?

Well, to tell you the truth, we still are a bit curious ourselves, as not everything is sorted out yet, but this is an excellent opportunity to share our thoughts and plans so far with you. Perhaps you'd like to share your two cents with us?

First of all, we are thinking of some sort of Tiers design for all the equipment based on the quality/rarity of the material used to craft it. But no huge power spikes from one tier to the other. We want the most significant power spike to happen from having no equipment at all, to being equipped. Better tiers will only add a bit of power because we don't want to see personal skill overshadowed by good equipment. We want the equipment only to highlight the strengths in a player's skill and combat style. We'd also like for the advantage between tiers to be clear, so there's no second-guessing whether it's an upgrade or not. However, with great power spike comes great financial responsibility: using a higher tier item will always mean greater risk since you will lose it if you fall in battle! The decision will be yours entirely, of course (or maybe your guild's, hehe).

Another thing worth mentioning is how equipment might bring additional effects/perks to players. They can differ by modifying or adding the following:
• Attributes enhancement;
• Basic Attack modifier;
• Skill modifier;
• Skill addition;
• Activated perk;
• Special overall transformation and demanding properties that we intend for some of the truly unique artifacts which we will not disclose right now 🙈;

These are different levels of interaction with the character that equipment might bring, and we are very eager to test this with you.

It's also important to say that, although what you see is a complete set of the same material, players will be able to mix materials they wish to use. For this to work, we are staying away from a design where you are punished for mixing different materials (cloth, leather, plate) with a direct negative effect. What we are thinking goes along the lines of "by choosing so, you are missing on x bonus." So if you, for instance, wish to have that mage-like character, with some extra plate equipment here and there for extra toughness, you can. Just bear this in mind.

What's your impression of our gear plans so far? Excited? Let us know what you like and don't like!

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