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While showcasing one of the sets we have designed for the game, we take the opportunity to talk about how players will be able to use cosmetics to enhance their narrative in-game and find something that represents the story they are trying to tell.

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Hello, community! 👋

Today we share with you the 3D model of a cloth set we designed that you will be able to craft and wear in-game (maybe with a few changes, here and there). It draws inspiration from more mage-like characters but, of course, since there will be no classes in Profane, players will be free to wear it according to what best enhances their narrative.

Looks and vestments are some of, if not the most important, ways through which a player can tell their story in an MMO, and we definitely want to allow you to choose between many different options that suit your style and narrative. So we are putting a lot of effort into this.

We want players to be able to acquire their looks through different methods: crafting, which will get you from the most basic looks to the most opulent ones (if you're able to find the right materials in your explorations, of course); Artifacts might also add some extra extravaganza to your looks; and our in-game shop, from which you will be able to purchase skins for your equipment (and boats, houses, etc.).

Obviously, we are staying away from any pay-to-win practice, and, being a full-loot PvP MMO, we know the importance of being able to clearly read what other players are wearing. We have successfully implemented this in our Pre-Alpha already, where skins would adapt to the material used in your equipment (like bronze or silver, i.e.). It's also crucial that you can tell if you are looking at a cloth, leather, or plate user. The details of these systems are still being studied by us, so we can deliver both satisfaction and stunning visuals in your experience with Profane.

What other look are you eager to see? What is your dream narrative to portray in Semisus?

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