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More building options are coming to 3089 & storage just got added! Large walls will now surrounded bases, prices have been adjusted & lots of fixes and improvements -- check it out!

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Hey all,

This is a relatively big update for 3089! The biggest changes you’ll notice include large walls being made around bases, prices that are more variable (and generally higher) & the ability to build storage boxes. Other important updates include fixing a nasty bug that would sometimes make player constructions not save, making rocks less resource intensive & more varied, and some tweaks to the “gang killing” quest task to make it easier to complete.

I’ve also updated 3089 to LWJGL v2.9.0, which was released yesterday. This update should allow you to use Java 7 on MacOSX with 3089. Please report to me any issues you run into, as this is very new!

Projectile speeds, fired from the player, have also been increased. This should make it easier to hit quickly moving targets — note that the overall range of weapons have not been increased.

What’s next? I’m going to keep working on filling in the remaining building options like the booster & teleporting station. Once I get that stuff filled out, I’ll move back to the story. I’m also thinking about adding some new building types, like watch towers.

Complete changelog @

OK, back to work!
- Phr00t

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