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This is another update of my progress on my puzzle based ep2 mod. Looking for beta testers! Translators are also still needed!

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Well today marks 30 days of working on this mod. I hoped that by now I would at least have it playable from start to finish without having to use the developer console. That has not happened. And even when I get to that milestone it will still be really buggy and some places will look kind of bare.

Have you ever had that annoying moment when you spend a few hours (or a day) trying to get a little thing to work only to go to the Valve wiki and see a tiny overlooked note saying it doesn't work? How convenient. That has happened to me a lot. Never trust what the fgd says...

Even so, that brings me to my next point:

3D Hammer View

I need user critique and feedback to make my mod the best it can be. I wanted to do this all on my own but it's unrealistic to not let anyone see it until the final release. What I really need is beta testers, good beta testers.

And I want good feedback as well. What that means is testers are not allowed to give me this:

cool story bro 10/10

or this...

ur mod is stupid gtfo

Ok, maybe those are extreme examples, but I will not add anyone to the credits of my mod unless they try to give me the best they can.

What I would like from a beta tester:

  • A description of what I did wrong overall.
  • A description of what I did right, and shouldn't change, if anything.
  • A list of bugs encountered or what appear to be bugs.
  • How long they think the mod takes to play though the first time, and if the length is appropriate for this mod and its story.
  • What they think about the story, music, atmosphere, gameplay flow, puzzle difficulty, etc.
  • Anything else they want me to know about.

If needed I might even make a second beta and send it to them.

Just send me a PM and if you look trustworthy I will send you the beta build when it's ready. In particular, I would like people who have had a lot of experience playing source mods or using hammer.

And I still need translators (I got one for Portuguese) or it might be easy to make the mod English only.

Thank you for reading.

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I would like to be a beta tester

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