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3.0, closed testing is about to start. and here you can read how to sign up.

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this past 2 days, progress is shown, we have had our problems adding in the new factions, but after I said down for a few hours I got it to work, and finelt were able to move all settlements for the current factions.

for 3.0 we have added 4 new factions: Thrace,Macedonia,Iberia and Ilyria, we have done our best to balance them out, and make them look as good as possible. and I think we have done a good job and these 4 new factions make fine additions to romae bellum!
also, the start up will be changed. so you will not always end up with german equipment.

about the 3.0 testing,
You can sign up here:

If you do not want to sign up for taleworlds, send me a pm here with the answeres to the questions. :P

anyway, thanks for reading.
and thanks for al your support. it took long, but the version is now near!

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