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This is the information about 3 New stories announce. Stories about Hyperborean Period of course.

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Hello friends.

Now i must announce 3 new stories of the Hyperborean Period.

as i said before, Hyperborean Period - is the mighty and ancient period of the New Canon. These events occured over then 20000 years ago, to be correct, 18000 BC. I am writing about the arch-civilization, which had control on the galaxy in the period of Humans Golden Age. Hyperborean Empire was the main humans state and center of the universe.

So listen me carefully.

1. "Ionaphanus".
(Hyberborean group of the elite psyonic warriors are trying to stop mysterious war criminal with name Albrecht Fedorkovic. Fedorkovic was one of the mighty adherents, who served the Excelscior and helped him to kill innocent people. Now this terrorist wants to make chaos is the universe and already creating his own army. Times are going to be very bad second by second...)

2. Wrath of the Ancients.

(Mysterious AI "Gabriel Mechas" is out of control. His program is corrupted and its started to capture all machines. Zakromah star system is going to be the place of war. All machines are out of humans control. AI is going to capture all of them and kill all human race in the universe. Hyperborean group of spec-ops is trying to find the culprit of this madness. But how to do it, if the culprit can be... anyone)

3. Primus Empire.

(Nargon planet. General Krasich and his warriors are going to visit their relatives. Nikolai is taking his army with himself and going to lands of his old relative - duke Vishnevetskiy. Suddenly they see destroyed city and no one people around. Krasich wants to find the culprit of this terrible crime. But how he can do it, if culprit again is mysterious and secret person? Person.... with alien technologies)


Thanks for reading this information.

These 3 stories will be part of the Hyperborean period. And maybe they will finish this age forever. As you see, New Canon is in progress and i am not planning to stop it.

thanks again friends.

Regards Alex K.Krokhmal

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