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A trailer for the released 6th version of AirMAPS named AirMAPS w6: Wambi's Philosophy. Plus, a new website is under construction.

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Originally posted on the official website: 01/27/09


Indeed, the next release of AirMAPS is under construction and in a pretty good way as we will speak in the coming news, but AirMAPS w6: Wambi’s Philosophy is still much filled with amazing stuffs.

Here is a very short video showing the 6th version of AirMAPS.
After all, it was about time since the 6th version never had an official trailer!

To comfort you because I didn’t give you any news from the next version of AirMAPS, I am proud to announce that a brand new look will be given to AirMAPS soon: the new AirMAPS website is under construction!


you need a class with an nearly unlimited supply of grappling hooks. would be great for the maps with the floating islands. Also is it possible to rig the vehicles to be able to have grappling hooks attached. IE have players hitch a ride on the wings of a C 130?

Great mod, keep up the good work!

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Natedc Author

Unfortunately, we can't make the grappling hooks work with moving objects (people, vehicles...) which IS a shame but it is deep inside the Battlefield 2 engine and we are not allowed to access that.

However, we might consider giving unlimited supply of grappling hooks (but we won't allow unlimited grappling hooks to be at the same time on the map, we have to look at the numbers and run some tests with our server: we don't want it to be laggy)

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