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In short this mod will reuse very little content from portal, has custom textures, and will have weapons in it.

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Subject-241 is a new ambitious project that will put a new spin on portal, combat. -241 will include custom content including: New skins, New models, New maps, and New puzzles.


Our custom portal skins are red and black. You are using the new #23 Hand held portal device coated with a new high strength acrylic scratch resistant paint that is guaranteed to be more aerodynamic than its predecessor, The ASHPD #22.


The thing that will cause this mod to be different than others will be the weapons.It will include the weapons from half-life 2 but they will be changed to fit into the atmosphere


btw binaries for npc weapon firing in portal aren't there except for the pistol.

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Interesting, tracking.

But one thing: Why Red and Black? In the original Portal they choose orange and light blue because it's a nice contrast to the eye.
I don't think that Red/Black is. How about White/Black? Or set the color of the red one to RGB(10,5,5) to get it white, but with a nice and fancy outline when enabled blooming.
Just a few Ideas, I would appreciate if you look back into them.

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CX7000 Author

Thank you for that I will Look into it

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