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Alright, 2.2.2 update let's go.
So, this update is more like a 2.2.1 patch, but it also includes new Task Forces, some more loading screens, new SFX, there's more I plan to add, but I can't make it too large otherwise it won't upload to Moddb.

-----CHANGE LOG-----

-1.Replaced menu theme (Added Condition Zero Theme to the Extras) with the song "Lighten" by Ector Aedus.

-2. Fixed the German Announcement (NTF) and put into extras. And added new announcements (E-10, E-11)
--a. NTF now has the normal-ish announcement with a quick song in the background.
--b. Same above, but for Eta-10.

-3. Added GENSEC / FBI Loading screens

-4. CLOAKER... Yeah, I added a Cloaker Drink, you die instantly and it plays the Cloaker Charge sound.


-1. New Task Forces (Nu-7, Eta-10, Resh-1)
--a. Resh-1 is planned to be added, I need to finish scripting Resh-1.

-2. Added GENSEC / FBI Enemies.
--a. MTF now has more variants (Slipstream, ballistic chops, medics, etc)

-----END LOG-----
Loading Screens

GENSEC Loading Screen - 2.2.2
Guards Loading Screen - Pre 2.2.2

Pre 2.2.2 Update had Alpha-9, now I plan on adding Eta-10 into the mix as well.
Just to make the game harder, I still need to figure out how to make new NPCs.

MTF Pre 2.2.2

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