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Battal Gazi 2.2 is ready. This is a huge update as full version. New "Masteries" system, smoother walkthroughs, improved new battle interface, shortcut system for special moves, updated "Quick Battle", major bugs removed, shortcuts for village menu and more!

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Masteries System: This is a huge update. You can gain "star points" and spend them to new abilities.

Battle Interface Changes:

- Shortcuts for special moves. Use them only with your mouse. You can use them with your keyboard if you wish.

- New casuality report system. No full screen with letters.

- Numbers of you, ally, enemy and your stats.

- "Orders" button, pointer on screen bug is solved.

Improved gameplays for walkthroughs. Easier and smoother.

Shortcut system for village menu. For faster M&B experience. We will try to add this system to cities and castles.

New "Quick Battle" mode. Factions added. New warriors added. Select Battal Gazi and test special moves.

New Special Move Requirements screen. Open in Masteries mode with move left-right.

Other Improvments:

New rebels on map will increase with time.

Blue color for quest party in walkthrough.

You can increase your relations with Khanate once with talking Gunduz Ghazi.

Some clothes and armors improved.

New captivity system improved.

You will find Adil Giray easier.

When health is near , you will hear heatbeat.

Battal Gazi will have an horse while start.

Fire arrow have improved. Fire damage is power strike x 5.

Smooth death cam.

New settings for mod.

New interface added to all battle modes except special ones.

Some special move bugs fixed.

Some materials have new look.

Some clothes renewed and some bugs cleared.

Queen Christina quest renewed.

Game ending renewed.

Now trade skill is very improtant for gather materials quest.

You can ride around streets in castles and cities.

Time of acrobatics on horse increased.

Some new itmes and new looks for some items.

New looks for some troops.

Dialogues improved.

Party name incompatibility bug fixed.

Names of cities and castles are seperated.

You will learn exact place of Gunduz Ghazi in Taverns.

If you have 10+ relation with Khanate, you will gain +1 relation with GrandTURK.

First scene improved.

Limits of increasement of athletics, riding, power of acrobatics and running capacity are changed.

Party size renewed.

Base: Battal Gazi Mode 4, Improvment Mode 10
Renown: for Battal Gazi Mode 100 renown = 1 member, for Improvment Mode 25 renown = 1 member.
Charisma: for Battal Gazi Mode 2 charisma = 1 member, for Improvment Mode 2 charisma = 1 member.
Leadership: for Battal Gazi Mode 1 leadership = 1 member, for Improvment Mode 1 leadership = 5 members.

Arm wrestling fixed and improved.

Battle ending problems are solved.

And more...

We couldn't test everything. But we added what we wrote.


Smooth Death Cam
Mount and Gladius

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