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Hello friends, New version is going to release on friday as full version.

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We pass to 2.2 from 2.08. There is no 2.1. Because this update is big for say this.

We have changes about 100.

We have new character developing system named "Masteries". 2.2 will be the first test of "Masteries" system. You will gain "star points" and spend them. You will see what you need to make special abilities. You can see new images for learn how you can use this system.

Battle interface developed. You can see your stats directly and number your men, your allies and your enemies as your skill. You can close casuality reports. Casuality reports will come with troop images.

You can use your mouse to make all special actions except mental ones. You can change and assign them with extra buttons of your mouse or you can chance them with Control+T and Control+Y. After that, you can execute your favorited special move with clicking your middle mouse button.

Now mod is easier. Because it was very hard. I made a guide for walkthroughs and general. I will translate to English as soon as possible, I hope before from release.

Pointer on screen after order panel problem, ending battle problem and arm wrestling bugs are solved.

Our village menu is developed with shortcuts. Your M&B experience is accelerated.

2.2 party size requirements:

Base: Battal Gazi Mode 4, Improvment Mode 10
Renown: for Battal Gazi Mode 100 renown = 1 member, for Improvment Mode 25 renown = 1 member.
Charisma: for Battal Gazi Mode 2 charisma = 1 member, for Improvment Mode 2 charisma = 1 member.
Leadership: for Battal Gazi Mode 1 leadership = 1 member, for Improvment Mode 1 leadership = 5 members.

"Quick Battle" is ready with new factions and troops.

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