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Let's discuss a few questions. I want to talk to you reader about Unification mod, as well as a little about RAGE mod.

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1)What Unification is that?
- Unification is the collection of the work of all DOW community members. Unification is an advanced combiner mod, that allows you to seamlessly combine almost all community-created races.

2)Why i must vote for Unification?

- This is the true way to combine races, SCaR, AI, audio, winconditions and e.t.c stuff.
Gambit was merging them into a compact, stand-alone mod, for our amusement and enjoyment and most importantly, in an EASY TO USE format.
All other aspects of the game need careful treatment. Brother Gambit already done this job for you!

3)What, then, is unique in this modification?
- All race mods fully adaptation.
- Support for the upcoming race mods!
- Unification Bugfix Mod.
- New gamemodes.
- New mode added: Kill-Team.
- New mode added: Last Stand.
- Strongholds mod updated.
- Survival reworked.
- More Survival Profiles. You can play against all 9 Vanilla races, plus addition races like World Eaters.
- SCAR Engine re-worked.
- Win-conditions re-worked.

4)What is the future of modification?
- Lot of stuff, for example new gamemodes, new EXTRA SECRET updates and supporting of all new races.
- Epic units , OH yes! just check this: Images

5)What about RAGE mod?
- RAGE has come! Closed to release!
5.1)What am I waiting for?
- FreeUI mod.
- Close Beta testing results.

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