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Short version - Boss 101 is out on Xbox One this Friday!

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Short version
Boss 101 is out on Xbox One this Friday!

Xbox One Launch Trailer

Long Version
If you have been checking out this blog for any amount of time you know we started on Boss 101 nearly four years ago. Three people with an idea and drive. That was IT!

Well here we are on the threshold of another great moment on our Boss 101 development journey. We’re about to launch Boss 101 on the Xbox One this week. That’s correct folks! We have been hammering away since our PC launch on this console version. It's not always been the smoothest ride but we have been hanging in there so we can make this happen.

We happen to think the Xbox One might be a good fit for our game. When we shipped on PC last November we felt great about the game. It was made with all the love and skill we could bring to bear. With this upcoming console launch we feel Boss 101 will bring fun and entertainment to a new audience.

Making Boss 101 a Console Specific Game

Even though we imagined coming to one or more of the consoles we didn't know how long it might take our team of three to do the port. The Xbox One was probably the easiest among all the consoles since we already had a PC version. The whole process was made infinitely easier by the folks at Microsoft who really went above and beyond to help our studio and studios like ours bring their products to the Xbox One. Every single person our team interacted with was helpful to a fault; giving us patient guidance and help. There were many times we got answers to letters in minutes and most of the time the longest we had to wait for a reply was one night.

Think about that. A company as big as Microsoft taking the time to do that kind of customer service. You might argue that's easy for them to do because they are so big but I would argue the reason they ARE so big is they made the customer a #1 priority. It certainly made us feel welcome. No question we asked was dismissed and everything we wanted to know we were able to discover quickly. The vetting process was quick and the final delivery of a working build was about as smooth as we could hope. In fact - they even had a setup to allow small developers like us get access to development kits.

Really, it was a lot more help than we hoped and even near release they took another step towards helping us by providing some marketing push from their social media. Now, let's be clear, most companies have a vested interest in making sure games published under their wing succeed. Microsoft is no different from Valve, Nintendo and Sony in that respect. What made this so nice was the human interaction from their team. We spoke with people every day during our porting process and each one of them was polite and courteous. We ended up feeling like we were the only developer they were handling and it meant so much to our team. After the PC launch we were looking for our next opening and Microsoft gave us just that.

So here we go, if you have been waiting for Boss 101 on the console and you have an Xbox One then please check out the online store this coming Friday. We would appreciate your support in any way you can – pass along the news, recommend us, a purchase – any or all of the those work!

Seriously – thank you so much for listening, for being with us and for all your support across development. Even if you are new to our team and our game we do appreciate your time.

Here’s to many more games! As always – remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!


Boss 101 - Out 5/18 on Xbox One
Please check it out if you would be so kind!

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