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Here is screenshots of new catacombs map sections. Screenshots of Molotov Cocktail in-game. And finished model of Werewolf, but untextured.

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Catacombs map vampire and werewolf sections were completed. So is the structure of map.

Catacombs Vampire Section Entrance

Here is entrance to newly made vampire start section. Also you can see newly textured and little remodeled cresset on a wall.

Catacombs Vampire Room A

Catacombs Vampire Room B

This room is pretty empty currently, however more custom stuff will be added in this room.

Catacombs Werewolf Cave

Molotov Textured In-game

Molotov has custom particle effects. Textured by Stayrox and Me.

Werewolf Model Unwrapped

Here is werewolf model which was unwrapped, optimized and fixed. Soon I'll begin texturing it.

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Deathace13 - - 196 comments


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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Hmmm... I really like the maps and models, and that molotov is sweet, i'm tracking.

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ben-yohanan - - 141 comments

Werewolves are spooky.

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Mr.John - - 1,570 comments

Vampires are just smart zombies. That doesnt infect the same way... LUL

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goirdin - - 265 comments

I like the fact that the warewolves and vampires spawn in areas that would make sense for them. The models look really nice too.

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UACmarine208 - - 253 comments

Looks awesome! :D
Got my crucifix, stake, and silver bullets ready!

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Guessmyname - - 179 comments

...just out of curiosity, why does the molotov viewmodel still use the HEV suits?

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Elitic Author
Elitic - - 209 comments

Molotov does not use hands. Hands and weapons are separate models. Each class will have own hands. New hands will be done when character model is done...

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Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

I have 1 word for this. Awesome!

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

tracking since a year...

and I still can't wait :D

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