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2 New Stages added in order to proceed the adventure! Going to Earth's Core!

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In order to fulfill the story line , two new stages were added. To the SpaceShip reach the Earth's core, coming from another planet they must avoid the Asteroid Belt in Milky Way and then enter on Earth 's Atmosphere. Now are avaliable 3 stages in all, and two more in development.

Asteroid Belt: The ship needs to avoid all asteroids that come from everywhere in the screen (UNLOCKED)
Journey Down: Avoid the obstacles to go deep and reach the core (100 Asteroid Belt Score Needed)
Zig Zag Noise: Avoiding the obstacles making a complicated zigzag (70 Journey Down Score Needed)
Small Things: Now the platforms are smaller you could avoid from all sides (in development)
Lava Path: Avoid Lava splashs from the core (in development)

I2 New Stages

The game has become more difficult and as new stages are being added , more and more will be difficult. 
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