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We are very pleased to announce the new patch 0.1.27E

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It's been a bit since we posted, as we have been working our tails off of late. But on the bright side you get a large update information all in one!

  • World Shifting in (Not player available yet)
  • Placeable offset fixed
  • Muzzle flares are in (Only test one active right now)
  • Chests are in (you can now store items in containers)
  • Per BackPack behavior is in
    • JetPacks have been re-enabled to craft
    • They come with two new stats
      • Fuel Inefficacy ( How much is drained per a second) - Thrust Power ( How much force lifts you up when jetpack is active)
  • Biomes now change as you go down and clay/dirt/rock/mud change their color based on the biome they are in
  • Loot
    • Creatures drop loot
    • Formations drop loot
  • Exposure is back
  • Resource generation has been further cleaned up
  • First phase of power grid is implemented ( Not accessible to players yet)
  • Burst Text
    • Burst Text with special tags
  • Player should now auto learn new start schems on old avatars
  • Tool tips for schematics
  • Gun tool tips have been completely revamped
  • Formation Laser Axe Added (phase 1)
    • Will remove trees when used on them \
  • ‘ALT’ now closes all active windows
  • Updated the tooltip after craft for crafting result window
  • Player bonk is in
    • When player is hit they will go invulnerable for a short period of time and take a slight bump in the opposing direction from which they were hit
  • Holopets
    • Creatures that give you bonuses or just keep you company as you explore
    • A new droid can be crafted found in ARMOR and KITS tab
  • Laser pick has been adjusted and tuned, a new Enhanced Laser has been added back
  • Banner Text is in
  • Gear Screen Attribute Summary (C is re-enabled and you can now see the attributes on your character)
  • Stat System is in
    • The player now has attributes which can be directly modified by outside sources like Armor/Kits/Holopets
  • Armor/Gear that modifies stats is now in.
  • Fall damage now scales based on how much life you have and is more granular damage based on your fall speed on impact
  • Tiny Crabs now do 11 damage per a strike
  • Smaller jellies now blink lights and smaller versions move faster than their larger ones.
  • Increased Range of Picking up items
  • Crab attack sound updated
  • FIXED: Some resources being ignored are not ignored any more
  • FIXED: When pressed against the wall laser pick will pop first block in front of you instead of through the wall
  • FIXED: Issue that allowed you to swap into invalid slots

Awesome! That's a lovely list of additions :p

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Sweet! Cannot wait till this patch is released.

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