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The latest two ideas, a bit more important ones, for the mod ASM.

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Lately there were conceived 2 ideas, which could be a bit more important for you. ;-)

Red Alert 2 only version.
It is being realised (or will be). A version of the mod only for RA2, i.e. without Yuri's Revenge.
For those who don't own YR, or as an additional mod for owners of both. ;-)

RA2 version only will contain some exlusive units, which won't be featured in YR one!

The fourth faction.
It would use a green chameleon in a spiral as a symbol, its origin would be Oceania.
It'd specialise in invisibility/cloaking, EMP, the majority of its vehicles would be able to create illusions like Mirage Tank, and...

... most importantly...

... could use a build system very similar to the Empire of the Rising Sun:
tanks capable of deploying into respective base defenses
various utility vehicles (like repair ship) being able to deploy into production buildings (War Factory, and so on)
some 3 hover vehicles or even more, and one of them would be able to deploy into Shipyard

All of them could undeploy, what would make the new faction ideal for rushers.

There are some pros and cons. One important con is that one would have to download and patch the game, probably with RockPatch. But it can enable air-to-air combat and other goodies, too. ;-)


is that the chameleon from MegaMan X?

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feillyne Author

Hmmm, AFAIK, it is very similar.

It wouldn't be used in the faction art anyway. :-) Logos (etc.) need a sufficient amount of low detail... ironically.

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ive liked this mod so far keep up the work

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feillyne Author

Thanks for your support. :-)

BTW, the 4th would come after 1.00 release, anyway... so everyone would be able to choose the version, w/ or w/o the new faction. ;-)

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