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Tips on how to play Naboo as Rebels, Naboo is a hard map to play as Rebels, So here is a General idea on how to play this map.

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Note: I was Vsing a AI to get the first three screen shots.


First, You will want to send 1 fighter to your base mine, And one to the enemy's base mine (Make sure you turn on S-foils), And also I rarely ever get the turret, And I don't recommend getting the turret for your base mine with this tactic because you will not be able to produce as many fighters as you want. Also make sure to get the firepower upgrade for X-wings . Then when you send the X-wing to the enemy's basemine, NEVER go into the nebula, Always hit the gap on top of the nebula as the picture shows above. Then the fighter that goes to your base mine, Goes to the bottom left (Note: Always keep your fighters in S-foils). To be able to do this fast, I suggest you use hot keys. Crtl+A will selects all units. I use that hot key for fast starts, Then After you press Ctrl+A you press Shift+W To lock S-foils, If you can practice those hot keys fast enough, You will be able to have excellent starts. Also a tip, If you have Multiple group of X-wings or any type of unit on the field, Use the Ctrl 1-10 hot key, To use this hot key select the units you want and press Ctrl+1 and then when you press 1 from now on, It will give you everything you wanted to be selected to command instantly. You can have up to 10 different groups of units to put on a hot key on.


Alright, If you look at the picture above, You want to kill the enemy base mine (Tip: When you are attacking any mine with X-wings be sure to take them out of S-foils when they attack and then put them back into S-foils when they go on the other side of it and repeat this until the mine is dead), Once you kill it, You will head straight down to the other mines while you keep building fighters, More then likely they will buy the mines, So it is a free easy kill and they lose 1700 Credits, Including the 850 for the base mine. Also at this point of the game after you reach the first middle mine, You should have around 6-8 X-Wings ALSO Just a reminder, You always build fighters, And NEVER split your X-wings up on this map, It is to easy for a huge mass tie swarm to come around and kill 2-3 X-wings at a time because you took them out of the group for a second. And it is to hard to reproduce X-wings so once those fighters are gone, You will be behind by a lot.


Now, Since you haven't seen me go for the pirate base, You get to see it now. The fighter you send to the bottom left, It goes to the pirate base. Some player will ask me, "Why don't you go to the pirate base at the beginning? If they get the pirate base they will win!" WRONG, If you perform this tactic right, The empire's economy will be total shit, Meaning at the most, Maybe 2 pirate fighters. And if they try to squeeze in a IPV it will be Gg and you won, X-wings "rape" IPV's in a heartbeat. Also another good tip, If you get into combat with fighters. What you should do is keep your weaker fighters in S-foils and take the fighters with full health out of S-foils. This trick will increase the damage dealt by your fighters and help keep some fighters alive. And also NEVER send your X-wings to fight ties in nebula's, in a 1v1. The X-wings lose there shielding and they can't lock S-foils. An example is in a 1v1 if you send your X-wings to fight in the bottom left of naboo and it's a 5v5 5 X-wings vs 5 Ties, The ties will rape them and they will only lose maybe 1 squad. And that's 5 X-wings you lost. And it's hard to reproduce X-wings like that so it's best if you only go into the nebula's for pirate base's, capture a mine or kill a mine.

End of tutorial.

As you can see, That is the end of my tutorial for Naboo, I don't think I will be doing anymore, I will let Noobios do the rest, I just did Naboo because my favorite map is Naboo. So I hope all of these tips help you in game. And I hope this helps you learn how to play Naboo as rebels, Just so you know Naboo is one of the hardest maps to play as rebels, But it is my FAVORITE 1v1 map in the game, And it was my first map I learned how to play rebels on. If you can follow these tips and perform it to perfection, You might be able to even do this.


Noobios - - 44 comments

Or you could have left the picture out, makes me wonder why posting it.

About the nebulas in general. X-Wings are quite weak in there so try not to fight there.

This is a good tactic, I used samekind with Rebels. The pirate station fight was so important few years ago, but it changed. :D What if opponent moves Ties to your base mine as you moving your fighters to his/hers and you don't have turret. Ties have free fire to your mine. Have anyone tried that against you?

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Sab3rr - - 2,477 comments

Thanks for posting Raphiel. Glad you can contribute to the clan.

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SuperBoba Author
SuperBoba - - 37 comments

They have, The way the game ends at the point, Is that if they rush my base mine, they can't rush the bottom left so either way I have 1 mine, And if I rush there Base mine, It kills there economy, And if they try to build the middle mines I kill them before they even fully get built. So there's another 850 down the drain that they lost. Or 1700 depends it they build both mines, And you only start out with 5k. So they won't have enough money to produce anything really and if the ties go for the bottom left after my base mine, I will be fighting the ties in the middle killing them because there should not be a lot there because they are using most of there ties to kill my mines, then once the ties are dead I will build those mines and hit the enemy base mine again. Not many player rush the base mine on Naboo as empire because ties are so slow, But that's what I do just in case it happens.

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SuperBoba Author
SuperBoba - - 37 comments

I will also add the tip about the nebula noobios.

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Obi-1-Kenobi - - 1,597 comments

oh you guys posted this lol...
i was about to sue them for stealing our article :P

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pincuishin - - 572 comments

mmm ever here of guard post? its what i always do in skirmish its stupid leaving your income source unguarded

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SuperBoba Author
SuperBoba - - 37 comments

you're bad, 1v1 i win eZ.

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