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After many hard months of laboring, coding, and stressful interruptions, we finally have the next release of our mod, Alpha 1.1.2. There are many changes to this version, and found within this news update is a recap of many of the updates in this latest version.

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After many hard months of laboring, coding, and stressful interruptions, we finally have the next release of our mod, Alpha 1.1.2. There are many changes to this version, and you will find a short recap of some of them in the sections below.

Technology and Unit Changes

There have been many updates to the technologies and units. A majority of the techs have been given proper components, so they are no longer almost all 'general equipment'. In addition to this, we've updated all the years for the majority of the technologies as well. This means that all major technologies no longer have the year '1936' attached to them.

All of the brigades are also now in working order. Attack Helicopters are truly attack helicopters, and transport helicopters are now just that. There was an issue before where these were flipped, and that has been addressed.

You will also be able to conduct airborne assaults, amphibious assaults, strategic redeployment, and many other missions that were previously unavailable in the last version.

Motorized Division Equipment

New Brigades

In addition to this, we also managed to get our Secret Weapons Technology working at the last minute. This means you can research these technologies without crashing. While currently the 'Space Race' techs do not do much of anything, in the future they will affect your country's research speed, industry, and victory points. On the other-hand, with Secret Weapons now working, that means the major nations finally have the ability to use and deploy nuclear weapons.

Unlocked Secret Weapons Technology

AI Changes

We have now given the Soviet Union and the Chicago Pact working AI. While this AI is by no means perfect, it has given these countries some direction in the Pacific War. We will continue to work with the AI to improve its ability to respond to threats and such. For the best AI challenge, we recommend playing as the Soviet Union or the United States of America.

You will still notice that the AI will do odd things here and there, these fixes will come in time. We only have had two testers for this version, so no doubt many of you will explore situations in which we did not.

Events and Overall Changes

As for events, there are too many to cover in this small area. These range from the 'Seattle Strategic Talks', where Chicago Pact members will decide on the future strategies of the Chicago Pact in the Pacific, to the Algerian and Israeli rebellions, or the many flavour events that you will encounter over the years. Many will also find that Thailand might worth with or against them in the Pacific War.

Another event set worth mentioning is the reintegration of the rebellions United States. There are many options for the player to choose. Be careful what you wish for, as you might be in a for a rocky road if you happen to misstep.

Georgia and Armenia now have their proper locations. There was a issue in the latest version where these two countries occupied the wrong locations.

Seattle Strategy Talks

Download Nineteen Sixty-Four version 1.1.2

This version has been tested with Arsenal of Democracy v1.5

We hope that you enjoy this version, and I will try and not make the next one take so long to come out :)

I would like for you all to give a 'shout-out' to Dáin, for without his free time there would be not nearly as many events in the mod. He truly made this release all the better.

Team '64

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