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This is an upcoming changelog that will most likely be implemented in 2 or 3 months.

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After two long years of "coming soon" the mod is 95% likely to release its final update (barring sudden tool malfunction) in the first week of September by latest.

I do feel sorry about the wait, it has been a mix of work and health issues, where what little spare time I had was spent between BFGA2's new Veritatem Imperialis mod, my own tabletop Blood Ravens, and trying to figure out a few crashes here. So I apologize for the wait and work on getting the mod ready in a couple of days you can count on one hand, before something else happens to put me out of commission.

This will be the final big update. I may release bug fix or crash fix small patches when needed, but this is the last content unless someone begins to make new stuff for DOW2.

Things that are not ready yet:
-Check Wraithlord skill possibility, contemptor possiblity. Could not work these out, did not find the skill for the Wraithlord.
-Check GK Chaplain Merciless strike.DONE.
-Make specialist shells work properly.DONE.
-Add volkites to Devastators. They have their own separate firing animations from Uncle Anaesthesia so adding them to Heavy Legion squads may be difficult. DONE.

The mod should be ready tomorrow, I just need to package it and upload it, but that is 8 hours just for the upload.

Volkites have been added to the Command Squads of both SM factions. Currently it is 3 of them, but it is quite a potent and rare weapon so that seems okey with me. If I added them to Devastators or Heavy squads, I would have had to get rid of missile launchers.

The rest is completed. Mind that packaging can take up to a day, same for uploading.

Balance stuff:

-Increase GK hammerhead damage. DONE.
-Increase SM and CSM plasma cannon costs and maybe increase reload times.DONE.
-Maybe a small reduction of damage for Havoc Autocannons, or price increase.DONE.
-Make all Sepcialist bolter weapon do what they are supposed to do. DONE.
-Give Singularity to Wraithseer if possible. Did not find the "Singularity" ability in game. Was it supposed to be something new that I forgot?
-Increase limit for cultists and Chaos shrines. DONE.
-Give Tau commander more energy for his shield. Tau don't have a lot of heroes. DONE.
-If possible add Sonic Scream to Reavers. DONE.
-Increase teleport range. DONE
-Add Stormbolters to Razorbacks. DONE.
-Slightly increase bolter AP versus tanks and superheavies. DONE.
-Give Karskin and Grenadier sergeants plasma pistol and sword. DONE.
-Give Hellblaster have Incinerators more damage but smaller aoe. DONE.
-Possibly add Crux Terminatus shields to Indomitus Terminators in some fashion. DONE.

If Tartaros can be added, the following will be done: DONE.
Catapractii: Best shields. DONE.
Tartaros: Best speed. DONE.
Indomitus: Best health. DONE.

Bug stuff:

-Add Deathwatch kill team to GKs. DONE.
-Give Banshee Exarchs mirror swords as standard, power spear as upgrade. DONE. Apparently one of the mods I based this one on had their upgrade already upgraded when the squad was created, so it was upgraded to the spear instantly.
-CSM melee tactical squads should have power weapons like SM ones. DONE.
-Check Deathwatch ML. Seem to work well for me, what was their problem?
-Rename GK Razorback Heavy Flamers to Heavy Incinerators. DONE.
-Gk Chaplain looses Merciless strike. DONE.
-Check Tau sergeants. Seem to work well for me, what was their problem?
Bug: Subjugate changes scouts to GKs, should be fixed.DONE.

Thank to Uncle Anaesthesia, I got a few goodies I may be able to add. I can't promise anything before autumn, but possible things to include if I can get them to work:

-Basic Contemptor. (Doubt I can make it work, its mostly a static model)
-Deimos pattern for Legiones Astartes vehicles. DONE.
-Volkites for Command Squad. DONE
-Tartaros Terminators. DONE.

Khoran_Gutsplitter - - 1,388 comments

You should add the Reaver sonic scream and ogryn bayonets to the list. Other than that it looks solid.

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DeusImperator Author
DeusImperator - - 1,293 comments

I don't have the time to look through all the files for an ogryn bayonet, but I may be able to do the sonic stuff.

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Guest - - 692,141 comments

Just a few questions:
1.Some units are missing in the painter, literally just empty place (Khorne beserker and plague marine), could you get them back?
2.There are two types of havok in the painter but no chosen who have their own skins, could you replace one havok with a chosen?
3.Is it possible to buff buildings hp? Right now hiding in building is detrimental to the survival of the units.
4.Sniper scouts and recon legion units are nearly harmless, do you have any plans about them?
5.Are you planning on adding any Word Bearers skins?

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