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The new information about progress, interview, 1.0 version and why we are not going to release it for public this fall... Want to know more? Be sure to read it.

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First and foremost, as summary says, we have completed a 1.0 version of the game, much earlier than I thought, therfore at first I thought we would have been able to release it before this fall but I was proved wrong, and we won't be able to do that. You may ask why? Firstly, due to lack of translation(we are working on it, though), secondly, because once we reveal the game to broader public the features won't surprise you again, later. It's not a good news for You though we believe, but it is better for the project and thereby it's better for the players.

Secondly, today The Polish Site about M&B - "Tawerna Four Ways" published the interview with me(VainV). Translated version You can read here:

1794 is a mod which has been in development for the past few years, it is clear and obvious the sheer dedication of the development team to finish this mod. What have persuaded you to create a mod about such theme?

The creation of 1794 is for me and for most of the developing team a realization of our passions, first one is the history of Poland, and the second is computer games. Not enough projects of such kind are being made, so we decided to plug that gap. We have chosen Kosciuszko Uprising because it is a time period not every well known and we believe we are capable to show it as best as it is possible.

Not all of our users know, so could you make it clear and tell us whether the modification you are working on will be Singleplayer or whether Multiplayer, what will it offer and how many brand new things you were able to create and introduce into the game by yourself ?'

Like I have mentioned before, the modification will be singleplayer only. First of all it will offer a gameplay in completely new style, it is so called ''Total conversion''. The Largest difference between the ''Native'' and our modification is the introduction of game ending, as a matter of fact few dozen possible game endings. The course of the game is based upon completition of Quests, we tried so that the quests would fell completely fresh and unique to the Quests we have seen in M&B. Among other changes, thanks to the new additional quest system I hope that we will make it. At a certain point during our work on the mod we decided to scrap the things created earlier, we wanted to create everything from scratch, but it proved that there's certain aspects which we will not be able to overcome, we had to give up on our ambitious plan. Most of the animations and shaders were not created by us, but I believe despite this fact that it is a quite a good result. This mod is a result of around 15 months of work, everything that was created earlier was replaced during this period due to low quality. It is worth mentioning that during this period the Dev team consisted of between 2 to 4 people, and two of these people were regularly developing the mod.

From the things you have created, of what accept of the mod are you the most proud of?

It is difficult to point out the exact element, for me 1794 is the realization of dreams, so I shall be proud of the entire project, but only when it will be released and everything will work properly.

In what Languages will the mod be available in?

The Modification during the initial release will be available in Polish and English. But if someone who has the ability to translate the mod onto different languages and is interested to translate the game into his native language, we most certainly will in such case make the files available earlier.

Personally the topic of sieges has absorbed me, how was it realised in your mod. I mean in Warband we observe the frontal assault on the castle by the troops, how did you confront it
with the reality of the 18th century?

As of now I can say about two things, first of all the artillery will appear and that the player will receive more ways of winning the sieges, depending on the players choice, the course of the siege can change. We shall show more on this Topic prior to the release of the mod.

We have seen a teaser of new formation system, are you satisfied with the current system which you have managed to create when compared to already existing mods?

The system is quite good, but it is not perfect as of now, it still has flaws, but they are insignificant.
I any event I hope to fix it completely before the release of 2.0 version of the game. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to play, so it was quite difficult for me to compare what we have implemented and what other modifications have to offer to the player.

A lot of people are bored with the oversimplistic quests from Native, they even appear in such respected and popular mods as PoP, and here is my question have you stayed with the old quests or have you completely replaced them with new ones, more interesting ones? As we are on the topic of Quests could you tell us about what whether you plan on adding storylines?

Just as I have mentioned earlier, the gamplay will be largely based upon the competition of tasks.
Quests will be divided into two categories, the first will be related to the main storyline of the game, and the second one would be the additional quests. The second category, we will be able to receive in cities for example and they all will be related to the local area. Exactly here was the new system of quests implemented, thanks to this system we do not loose time in game. It is important due to the fact of tense storyline. Quests are completely new, in 1794 you will not see any of the quests you have seen in Native.

Have you set a specific release date?

The mod will be released in the exact 219 anniversary of the Kosciuszko Uprising.

Original text, in polish -

And last but not least, thank You very much for all the nice comments and 155 subscriptions!!
That's priceless for us.

For now that's all. Currently, We are focused on work, so most likely, there won't be any new diaries soon, but please, keep Your fingers crossed and see You in the future update!


Excellent :) !

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Thank You very much :-)

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