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Both, the good and the bad news. That is to say, the short update along with the info about progress and next version.

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First of all, the good news, I want to ensure you, the modifications is alive and well. We are working constantly(in fact, everyday) and there are many changes since last version, especialy in the case of gameplay.
However, we are not planning release of the next test version and that is the bad news. Why?
Simply, we are still adding, improving and rewriting dialogs and other texts, thus there is no point in translating them right now and once again later. I had to make this decision to shorten time
of work and bring us closer to the release of final version. As concerns to final version, for the time being I don't want to make any promise. I can only guarantee, that we have the internal schedule and we are doing our best to meet its deadlines. Believe me, there isn't anyone on earth, who would like to see the finished modification more than us ;-)
In terms of informations about 1794, we are preparing entire campaign which will precede the date of release. Thereby, I want to gather, all these important informations about story and gameplay, in one series of updates.

That is all for now, thank you for your time, track us if you want to get notifications about our further updates and releases.

7ty7 - - 786 comments

thanks for the update, we will wait patiently for the next : )

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Tony_Bugow Author
Tony_Bugow - - 128 comments

Thanks :-)

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dinnerblaster1 - - 679 comments

I didn't see much of any bad news in this, just great that the mod is going well and having many enchancements.

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Tony_Bugow Author
Tony_Bugow - - 128 comments

Thanks. In fact, it's right and necessary decision. However, majority of players is kinda impatient, that's why I called it "bad news" ;-)

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