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Here are some bugfixes for the next patch. If you find a bug please report it here.

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Bugs fixed:

-Sm combi weapon tooltip bugs.
-Inquisitor healer gear icon bug.
-Chaos Warp Talon price was not implemented yet, they now cost +10 energy each.
-Give grenade launcher icon to rad launchers.
-Fixed the delay gap between the SM bombardment activation and the start of the actual effect.
-Fixed a bug that caused the Ork Stikkbomma squad Stikkbomb ability to costs 500 energy instead of 50.
-Fixed a bug that caused the Ork Tankbusta squad Rokit Mortar ability to costs 500 energy instead of 50.
-Fix Wraithguard weapon icons.
-Fix Fire dragon flamer anim.
-Fix wave serpent shuriken tooltip.
-Eldar Turret icons missing.
-Sm Scouts now only gain the shotgun knockback ability once they upgrade to shotguns.
-Dark Reaper missile ammo tooltips are now working.
-Warp Talon attack bugged.
-Warp Talon Phase shift tooltip.
-Fix shield attack tooltip for Wave Serpent.
-Fixed the Wave Serpent missing the holofields that Falcon and Fire Prism had, and reduced enemy accuracy passively by 20%.
-Fixed a Sergeant Tooltip for Krieg Engineers.
-IG commando upgrades should now grant the abilities they say they will.
-Fixed grenade launcher tooltip for ig commandos.
-Removed the Sentinel heavy flamer. If I can fix it I'll put it back.
-Grey Knights now use the same orbital bombardment as SM.
-Removed a duplicate wargear from GK Inquisitor.
-Fixed a bug that caused the GK to gain IG bunker summon ability when the Inquisitor was built

Bugs to be fixed:
-Wave serpent weapons are missing textures. Not sure if I can fix this.
-Fix Harlequin icon. Not sure if I can fix this.
-Sentinel heavy flamer. Not sure if I can fix this.
-Terminator LC animations. Not sure if I can fix this.

Completed features:

-Vengeance Launcher for Techmarines.
-Grav guns for Apothecaries and Legion Apothecaries.
-The Vengeance Launcher fires fusion grenades that deal medium AOE damage to all kinds of targets.
-Gaunts can now construct Spawning Pools. These pools build gaunts and rippers as well as reinforce and can recruit non used heroes at tier 2.
-The Webway gate now spawns Storm Guardians, Guardians with Platforms and Warlock Council at level 1, your missing heroes at level 2, and Seer Council at level 3.
-Rangers are now built from the HQ at tier 1.
-Swooping Hawks are now built from the HQ at tier 2.
-Harlequins are now built at HQ from tier 3.
-Wave serpent moved to tier 3 to make place for hawks.
-Grav jump for Falcon and Fire Prism once they get the Vectored Star Engines Upgrade.
-Grav Jump for all Tau tanks.
-And they shall know no fear for Grey Knights.
-Imperial Guard Plasma guns now grant overcharge.
-IG Karskin and Stormtrooper flamer now grants blind grenades, not the grenade launcher.
-IG Stormtrooper melta gun now grants melta bombs.
-Krak grenades for grenade launchers. Currently bugged.
-Give Generals Plasma gun weapon option.
-Stormtroopers now have Krak Grenades.

Planned features:

Balance Changes:

-Reduced Chaos Havoc autocannon damage slightly, so that it is roughly on par with plasma cannon in overall damage. Right now it was taking down tanks a bit too quick.
-Increased IG Basilisk and Valkyre bombardment damage.
-Orbital Bombardment is now more effective against tanks.
-Stikkbomma stun grenade now costs energy, not Waaagh, and requires the Stikbomma kit upgrade to be used.
-Eldritch Storm is now cheaper and can be used more often.
-Rokk Bombing is now cheaper and can be used more often.
-Wraithlord health increased from 6000 to 8000.
-Harlequins are now considered tiny, joining gaunts and rippers in the hardest to hit hitbox. This should give them more survivability as a Tier 3 unit.
-Warlock Council gained 5 more members and is now cheaper per member.
-Seer Council gained 5 more members and is now cheaper per member.
-SM Scout shotgun explosive shot ability damage increased.
-Ork Kommand Nob hero shotgun explosive shot ability damage increased.
-Eldar Dark Reaper anti tank missile damage increased.
-Seer Council spawn global ability removed from Farseer as they are now built from the Webway Gate. She gains the ability to boost a squad's attack instead.
-Battlewagon big shootas now shoot longer more consistently and deal more damage.
-Deff Dread Big Shootas now shoot a bit faster.
-Waaagh! ability is now actually useful and powerful, halving damage, reducing suppression by 90% and giving a 50% damage boost, instead of 5% boost per each.
-Tankbusta Rokkit launcha damage increased from 50 to 75.
-D-Scythe rate of fire lowered, damage increased, damage type changed from flamer to plasma.
-Wraithguard D-Cannon damage increased from 500 to 750.
-Avatar health regeneration increased from 20 to 30.
-Starcannon damage increased from 120 to 150.
-Now Swooping Hawks start with 10 warriors, and need to upgrade to have the Hawk Exarch.
-Swooping Hawk lasblaster AP increased against Heavy infantry and Superheavy infantry.
-General is now harder to suppress.
-Inquisitor Purgatus ability now deals much more damage.
-Decreased Hurricane Bolter AOE from 5 to 3. When I made this weapon, initially I just wanted it to have 6 times the damage of a normal bolter, but I feared that it would down heroes too quick. So I made it have less damage than 6 bolters but with an area of effect to simulate the storm of bolts.
-Greatly buffed Vortex of Doom damage. However this thing pulls in and damages all units, even allies or your own in a wide area, so be careful. Without friendly fire this would have been too OP.


looks good

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The fact that the vengeance launcher is going to be included brings back good memories when i used to play 40k: space marine all the time. Oh, the nostalgia.

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This is about Warp Talons attacking motion bug. They only Special Attacking work fine.

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